Marmalade from Italy???

Up and at ’em this morning with a Red Carpet Ready I Want my Bikini Body workout. It’s been a while since I’ve done a full program so it was rather challenging and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. Val is getting ready to launch a new program and if you follow the link you can see some free videos.

Following my workout I made a green smoothie for Kevin and myself. As usual my GS buddy was close at hand.


After Christy left for school I made a cup of tea and decided on a Scottish breakfast of marmalade on toast.


So you can imagine my suprise when I saw my marmalade was from Italy!!!


I did lots of jobs this morning, including cleaning a rug which I left outside in the sun to dry. The dogs seemed to think I’d put it there just for them and I found them lying on it quite a bit throughout the day.

Pups on rug

Around 11am I had some cruskits with spreadable cheese.


…which meant I didn’t get hungry for lunch until 1pm. In the meantime I found a couple of new recipes to try as I had 4 bananas to use up. I made a banana date loaf and banana choc chip muffins (but I had to substitute white choc chips).


For lunch I made a carrot & apple coleslaw I’d seen on carrots ‘n’ cake.  I put it over my normal salad (with egg). It was quite nice but I’d rather have my normal salad.


Afterwards I tried one of the muffins – very yummy!

By 4pm I was feeling rather tired and my back was VERY sore so I headed into the loungeroom so I could sit with my feet up. I enjoyed a bowl of rockmelon.


And a piece of the banana date loaf. This was okay but not that nice – don’t think I’d make it again.


I was supposed to make a vegetable hot pot tonight but decided to make something easier – lentil patty burgers. Patty from the freezer, some fried onions…


…. on a slice of bread with BBQ sauce, beetroot, tomato and a sprinkle of grated cheese. Delicious!


I hadn’t planned on having anything after dinner but as Christy was wanting ice-cream I decided to dish up a small bowl for myself 🙂