A “home” day

Today was Kevin’s last work day for this week and our last day in St Kilda and so I decided to have a day “at home” before the real part of the road trip begins. I took the opportunity to do some laundry (Kevin made up a great make- shift clothes line), paint my nails, start on packing and trying to catch up on blog posts and editing vlogs. I’d forgotten just how long it takes to edit a travel vlog so I’m not able to keep up with those on a daily basis.

We have been facetiming with the Groodles (and CHristy) at least once a day, which has been lovely and helped not to miss them so much. Today Christy sent us is this cute photo of them looking out the front window.

Breakfast was the “usual”, lunch was a packet vegan mushroom mac n cheese (which tastes better than it looks) and for dinner I made taco.

I got as much as possible packed tonight so we didn’t have too much to do in the morning. And we were treated to another storm – this one even made the city disappear.

Exploring the Melbourne Botanical Gardens

This morning we were treated to a lovely sunrise – even though our main windows face West. It was another work day for Kevin and I decided to have breakfast (another Turkish roll with salad) and then catch the tram to the gardens. It was another hot day and was already approaching 30C by the time I arrived there just before 10am. I was a little unsure where the entry was as they are extending the underground train lines but I quickly worked it out. There were some photos showing how the streets and trams used to look like, which was pretty interesting.

Then its a walk uphill…

to the Shrine of Remembrance.

After stopping to take photos I continued my walk around the Shrine and across the roads to the gardens. At the Visitors Center I checked in for my bus tour around the gardens. Since she guessed I was Libby I was thinking no-one had pre-booked. Since I still had half an hour till my tour I had a look in the gift store (and made a few purchases).

I then walked over to the meeting point (past the kids water play area – which was nicely hidden behind a hedge) and the strange creatures in the kids garden. I then found a spot on the grass under the shade of a tree to wait.

Meanwhile Kevin was hard at work in the HOT sun on a rooftop installing starlink.

Finally at 11am the bus turned up, and I set out on my private bus tour. This was really good way to see and learn about the gardens and I really enjoyed it. The gardens are very large and there is no way I could have walked all around it.

After the tour I set off on foot to explore some more and take close up photos of the flowers.

There was also one tree that was full of lorikeets screeching and eating lunch.

One area I particularly wanted to explore was Fern Gulley. Being a “rainforest” area it was nice and cool so extra lovely on this hot day. I walked throughout the boardwalk area and sat for awhile to rest and relax.

I really enjoyed my time here but did find it challenging getting around – not sure if it was me or the map but I eventually found my way back to the visitors center. I had finished all my water so bought myself an orange juice and a lemon squash. I drank the OJ on my way back to the tram. I later tried the lemon squash but it was horrible – I didn’t realize it was brewed. i had to wait quite a bit of time for my tram (I assume I had just missed one) but eventually I got back to the apartment, feeling happy, but rather hot and tired. I quickly assembled an asian noodle salad for lunch and then put my feet up to relax and enjoy it.

It was actually only an hour or so later that Kevin returned home from his work day. Shortly afterwards a big storm rolled through. It was quite the sight from up on the 12th floor. And amazingly enough to cleared up enough for us to be treated to a beautiful sunset.

We ordered in dinner again tonight as I was still suffering with sore feet (I think more from the heat and fibro than anything else). After some debate we decided on potato bowls – which we really enjoyed.

Exploring St. Kilda’s Botanical gardens

Today was a work day for Kevin so we didn’t have the slow, lazy morning we had been having. Kevin left just after 8am. I put on a load of washing while I decided what to do with the day. It was going to be a hot one – over 30C all afternoon so I decided it would be best to get out in the morning and go on a walk to and around the local botanical gardens.

It was supposed to take 15mins to walk there and though it seemed longer (probably because much of the walk was alongside the busy St. Kilda road, it was right on 15mins when I walked in the gates.

I spent the next hour wandering around, sitting to rest for a little bit, and stopping to take lots of photos and videos.

The pond area was lovely, especially once they started the statue fountain

I really enjoyed my walk around the gardens and because of all the trees it wasn’t even too hot.

I found a different route home, off the main road, past some lovely homes with yet more flowers.

I was pretty hot and tired by the time I arrive back at the apartment. But I also felt very rather accomplished. I ate my breakfast (turkish rolls with vegan cheese spread & salad) while I cooled down. Then I draped the washing around the place (mostly in the 2nd bathroom) since there was no drying rack to be found, before showering and getting dressed. I spent the afternoon editing vlogs and writing blog posts. Lunch was some of the leftover pizza. I added some pineapple this time.

Kevin arrived home about 3pm. I cut up some watermelon for an afternoon snack and then a few hours later we ordered a delivery for dinner. I can’t remember the name of the place but it was totally vegan.

I was excited to be able to order ANYTHING I wanted. We both got the Wonton soup. Then shared some “chicken” satay sticks, spring rolls and dumplings. It was ALL delicious.

And of course, another lovely sunset to end the day.

Trams & a Disney exhibition

Any guesses to what happened this morning? Yep, it was another relaxed, very slow start to the day. My fibro was acting up this morning and I was in quite a bit of pain – I’m guessing because I overdid things yesterday. Fibro doesn’t like that !! Thankfully between taking some extra pain medication and having a nice warm shower, I did start to feel better by the time we were ready to leave. Rather than drive into the city we had decided to catch the tram – after all what could be more Melbournian than that? We walked across the road to a 7Eleven to buy tram passes and then to catch the tram. As a side note the 7Eleven had plant based chicken wraps and a plant based pie for sale !!

The tram ride took about 20mins – straight along St Kilda road where we are staying to the city. We hoped off right at Federation Square / Flinders St Station. And I was pretty excited to see some Christmas decorations. Made it felt like we were on holidays in the States (where we normally are at this time of year for Kevin to attend a conference).

After having a look around we went in search of a place I’d found for us to have lunch. It was a little tricky to find somewhere that had a vegan option, was open on a Monday and wasn’t super expensive. Luckily I came across In A Rush Espresso, which had soups and quick eats. I chose a roast veggie wrap. I find these can be very hit and miss but luckily this was a good one.

We got to enjoy this nice view and watch the sparrows that were hopping around while we ate.

Then it was time to head inside ACMI to see

I have to say I was pretty excited to walk through the big Mickey head. It was great to get a little dose of Disney since we still no have idea when we’ll actually make it back to a park. I really enjoyed seeing all the illustrations that were the start of many films. I’m always amazed at just how clever and talented artists can be.

I would definitely recommend the exhibition to any Disney fan but we were a little surprised there was only drawings. I guess it does make sense – but we did think there would be some models, sculptures, etc. that were used as inspiration to the animators.

We had a little walk around the shop.

We then debated doing the City Circle tram trip but with this new covid variant around we decided it was best not to expose ourselves unnecessarily. So we just caught the tram (that we were using for transport) back to our apartment.

Kevin wanted to charge the Tesla before his work day tomorrow so we decided to do that before getting settled in the apartment. The super charger was a little further away than we’d expected (from earlier research) and when we got there all 4 spots were taken. Luckily one car/driver wasn’t actually using the charger so moved shortly after we arrived. Since it was going to take 45 minutes to charge we decided to pop over to a cute looking cafe, , we had passed on our way. We were given a seat by the open window which was really lovely.

I ordered the soba noodle salad which was delicious, and the perfect second lunch / afternoon snack.

Kevin had the hotcakes and an iced chocolate. He enjoyed them but didn’t finish either of them.

After the car had finished charging we walked back over to the car – across a little park area where I took off my crocs and walked barefoot on the grass. It was so nice. Then we had a quick stop at Woolworths to get some Bonsoy and a few other things we needed.

Then back home to relax. I cut up the watermelon for a snack and later cooked some potatoes for dinner.

And we got to enjoy another lovely sunset.