Day 18 – A fibro day in Waikiki

After a rather interrupted nights sleep (lost track of how many times I woke up) I was up around 5am in time for the sunrise, which we can see off in the distance. Poor Kevin had an even worse sleep than I did and didn’t go to sleep till around 4am !!!

Not surprisingly Kevin had a sleep in. After writing up my blog post I did a bit of reading and started work on the vlog. I also played around with the incredible zoom feature on my big video camera.

Though we felt better than yesterday, neither of us felt that great. But we did want to do something today so eventually headed out on a little walk. I got my first look at the open air lobby of the Waikiki Banyon and it’s really lovely with a fountain and fish, and some lovely artwork.

We walked to two blocks from the Banyon to the waterfront. I was kinda surprised to find it looked just like in all the walking videos we watched on YouTube during the pandemic (which was a big factor in Kevin wanted to return here – we haven’t been since our honeymoon in 1992 – 30 years ago).

I spotted a Mexican place with views overlooking the street/beach and we decided to have lunch there. I had thought it to be a restaurant but it was more fast food – like Guzman y Gomez or Chipotle. We both ordered rice bowls – Kevin got some chicken & guacamole in his – and got the last table by the window, so we enjoyed the view and people watching while having lunch. Kevin really enjoyed his. My stomach wasn’t the most settled today so I only found mine to be okay.

After lunch we popped into one of the MANY ABC stores and picked a few things (nail polish remover, watermelon & chips). We had planned to go on a bit more of a walk but Kevin started to be a lot of pain again (much like yesterday) so we cut it short and started to head back to the apartment. Luckily we have more days, and no plans, so we’ll get to do this another day.

We did however quickly check out the Honolulu Cookie shop and Kevin went into Starbucks (which was right next door to the cookie shop) to get the usual – a dragon drink for me (love these as they are so refreshing) and Iced Chai Latte for Kevin.

I spent some time reading and we received these photos from my Mum. It is Bailey’s 14th birthday so they had a little party for him. Mum said “It was very hard to get their hats on. Koda got his off and started chewing it before we got Keani’s on.. bailey wasn’t happy either getting his on. Party sandwiches, cheese and fruit to celebrate.” Sounds like they had a good time !!

Towards late afternoon I actually started to feel better (typical) and I believe Kevin was as well. We watched some YouTube as the day came to end.

I had another Amy’s frozen meal tonight and Kevin had a Wholefoods fridge meal. Mine was really good (as Amy’s meals are) and Kevin’s was okay (he wasn’t a fan of sausage in his). And later we enjoyed the ice cream sandwiches we had picked up at Wholefoods. However, once we realized how big they are we only had half. We both enjoyed them. It’s first time I’ve had a vegan ice cream sandwich and it was SO delicious. I think it’s for the best that we don’t as many of these vegan treats in Australia !!

A productive day

Woke up at 6am with a rather sore back this morning. It tends to get sore when I sit around for long periods of time like I did over the weekend :-(. Oh, well, guess it stops me from being too lazy as I know I’ll suffer later. Anyway, I was out the door with dogs while it still dark but light enough to see safely. I love walking at this time of day – mind you we were too early for the best part of the sunrise :-(.  It was cool out this morning and I had to wear long sleeves AND a jacket.

Back home and getting ready for the day. We saw Amy off – she’s going to camp for the rest of the week and Kevin was dropping her at the train station. Christy and I enjoyed a very quiet breakfast together – she had french toast and I had two of the leftover oat pancakes with some raspberry jam.



Once Christy headed off the school I got stuck into the housework. Once I was done I had a green smoothie before heading off to get my groceries. I spotted this yummy looking salad and have printed up the recipe to make another day.


Back home with the groceries. I got everything unpacked and put away. Then it was time for lunch. I had hoped to make the above mention salad but I was too tired at this point so just made the usual. Todays featured topping – leftover Mexican Rice from last night. Tasted good.


This afternoon I managed to do a bit of scrapbooking while enjoying a cup of tea. I wanted a little “something” so had an ANZAC cookie and small dark orange chocolate bar.


Later, around 4pm, I had a piece of cape-seed bread with hummus and cheese. I put the grapes from Christy’s lunch in a bowl and munched on them a bit later.


It was a quiet dinner with Amy being away. I planned an easy dinner of microwave potato topped with mexican beans, cheese and bit of sour cream.


Later I enjoyed a cup of tea with a banana goji berry muffin (defrosted from the freezer) and some dark chocolate.


And just before going to bed I had a handful of rice crackers – left over from Christy’s lunch!