Out and about

I was woken up early this morning by Bailey being sick. Eventually at 5.30am I gave up on going back to sleep and got out of bed. Of course with him not feeling well a walk was out of the question. This plan to walk every day is NOT working out very well. Started the day with a cup of tea and chocolate muffin.


After dropping Amy at AG I headed off into town for some shopping. Before heading home at 11.30am I got an iced chocolate from Gloria Jeans as I was rather hungry (not suprising when I didn’t have a proper breakfast).


I also picked up this parcel which I was very excited to recieve. So fun to have leftovers in….


I even used it for afternoon tea as well…


While Christy was having her singing lesson Amy and I went to a coffee shop. I had a tea and a mouthful of Amy’s lemon tart – but it was too sweet for me.


Dinner was an easy one tonight – potato gnocchi with cheese sauce.



Home made dressing delight

Had a lovely morning walk with the dogs followed by the upper body part of my workout. Then came a green smoothie – using freshly ground flaxseeds cortesy of my new grinder.


After dropping the girls at school I had a cup of tea and a slice of grainy bread with hummus.


Spent the morning doing random jobs around the house. Lunch was a salad with egg…and homemade dressing. I finally got around to making a honey mustard dressing with equal parts (1 tbsp) dijon mustard, honey, olive oil and lemon juice from Kath Eats Real Food.I fully expected not to like it – after all I do like a creamy dressing – but this was REALLY good.


Afternoon tea – a cup of tea and a chocolate muffin (homemade this morning and on the healthy side).


This afternoons snack was pita bread with cheese, hummus, carrot and sprouts. Yum!!


Served with tea, of course.


Tonights dinner was a lentil bake. I’ve made it before and I love it. But unfortunately I’m the only one who does…


You can find the recipe at Attic 24. If you like lentils you’ll love it. I even forgot the peanuts and it still tasted great. Real comfort food.


And lastly…


Soup at last

Another lovely walk this morning. I was hungry when I got back so had a cup of tea and a banana muffin.


An hour later I prepared Christy’s breakfast – just toast today. I really couldn’t decide what I felt like but finally settled on corn thins with hummus and a little grated cheese.


I then dropped Christy at school and filled a couple of uniform orders. Then I washed my car at the car wash and got stuck behind two half-mobile homes being delivered to the nearby mobile home village.


I had a cup of tea and headed back out again – this time taking the dogs to get washed. Now I have two lovely soft, yummy smelling pups.

Lunch today was my normal salad – topped with boiled egg and some mayonnaise. Then I spotted some Mexican beans in the fridge and decided to add some of those as well.


An hour later, tea and some healthy handfuls.


Some time working on crochet, scrapbooking and cooking some soup for dinner. Snack time involved a bowl of protein crisps.


Christy had singing lessons his afternoon and I bought a tea to have while I waited. Thankfully I wasn’t even tempted by the fundraiser chocolates sitting on the desk – though I did briefly think one would be nice with my cup of tea :-).


Dinner was the Mushroom and Potato Soup I had made earlier – the first soup to appear on my blog :-). I’ll try and get the recipe typed up tomorrow.


It was so nice to just have to heat up the bowl when I got home. The downside to soup is I find it’s pretty easily digested so an hour later I ready for something else. My choice – a slice of bread with some spreadable cheese.


And I have confess I polished off the rest of Christy’s custard while tidying up the kitchen and had a small handful of tiny teddies with a cup of tea in bed while reading!

Marmalade from Italy???

Up and at ’em this morning with a Red Carpet Ready I Want my Bikini Body workout. It’s been a while since I’ve done a full program so it was rather challenging and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. Val is getting ready to launch a new program and if you follow the link you can see some free videos.

Following my workout I made a green smoothie for Kevin and myself. As usual my GS buddy was close at hand.


After Christy left for school I made a cup of tea and decided on a Scottish breakfast of marmalade on toast.


So you can imagine my suprise when I saw my marmalade was from Italy!!!


I did lots of jobs this morning, including cleaning a rug which I left outside in the sun to dry. The dogs seemed to think I’d put it there just for them and I found them lying on it quite a bit throughout the day.

Pups on rug

Around 11am I had some cruskits with spreadable cheese.


…which meant I didn’t get hungry for lunch until 1pm. In the meantime I found a couple of new recipes to try as I had 4 bananas to use up. I made a banana date loaf and banana choc chip muffins (but I had to substitute white choc chips).


For lunch I made a carrot & apple coleslaw I’d seen on carrots ‘n’ cake.  I put it over my normal salad (with egg). It was quite nice but I’d rather have my normal salad.


Afterwards I tried one of the muffins – very yummy!

By 4pm I was feeling rather tired and my back was VERY sore so I headed into the loungeroom so I could sit with my feet up. I enjoyed a bowl of rockmelon.


And a piece of the banana date loaf. This was okay but not that nice – don’t think I’d make it again.


I was supposed to make a vegetable hot pot tonight but decided to make something easier – lentil patty burgers. Patty from the freezer, some fried onions…


…. on a slice of bread with BBQ sauce, beetroot, tomato and a sprinkle of grated cheese. Delicious!


I hadn’t planned on having anything after dinner but as Christy was wanting ice-cream I decided to dish up a small bowl for myself 🙂