Woke up this morning ready and raring to get stuck into my I want my bikini body workout. This was the first time I’ve done the new program and it was really good – as always. If you’re looking for a great program you can do at home with minimal equipment be sure to check it, and red carpet ready, out.

Workout complete I made a green smoothie. I forgot to take a photo but I’m pretty sure you know what it looked like :-).

Later I had the half of a breakfast cookie (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow), and then finished it off during the morning as I cleaned the kitchen.


Lunch was salad (surprise, surprise) with egg, pineapple, corn and hummus.


Despite getting hungry throughout the afternoon, I managed to survive by filling up on water and tea. So I really enjoyed my afternoon snack of tofu marinated in catsup manis with some leftover roast veggies. Yummo!!


I was still feeling a bit hungry and so had an apple and a cup of tea.


Our organic delivery arrived – it always looks so good.


I unpacked it and put everything away while making dinner. Tonight 2 soy BBQ sausages – can you believe there is 20gms of protein in those? – and some veggies. I forgo the potato since I’d had some this afternoon.


With all that protein I didn’t need anything more to eat but did enjoy another cup of tea before heading to bed.