Sugar withdrawals?

I woke up with a headache this morning – I’m thinking it might be due to sugar withdrawals. Even though I’ve been having a little each day it’s no where near as much as I was.  I decided to skip this mornings workouts and have today as my rest day instead of Sunday. Hoping to stop the headache from getting worse I had a cup of tea and piece of banana coconut loaf.


Probably not the greatest start to the day but I made up for it by having a green smoothie (and my multi-vitamin) for breakfast a few hours later.


I was supposed to do reading at school but Christy’s teacher was away so I ended up killing time at the shops before my manicure & pedicure. I was still feeling a little off so had a banana before my appointment at 10am. I don’t normally reach for fruit like this but I really enjoyed it and it actually kept me full for around 2 hours.


I was just starting to get peckish after my appointment ended at 12pm but instead of getting lunch out as I planned I decided to wait until I got home. To tide myself over I had a choc nut bar while waiting to get into the carpark in town.


By the time I got home at 1.30pm I was very ready for my salad – falafel & hummus again today – YUM!!!


Still feeling off most of the afternoon so had a tea and handful of healthy handfuls at 3pm.


Todays afternoon tea was 2 vegetarian rice paper rolls that I had picked up in town. I LOVE these but don’t get to have them very often.


At 5.30pm I had another cup of tea and an hour or so later made some quesidillas for dinner. I forgot to buy salsa for the recipe I had planned to make so had to improvise with refried black beans, tomato and cheese. Boy was it yummy.



Later I enjoyed 2 chocolates and cup of tea. Unbelievably I was more than satisfied with my two chocs – usually I would have had MANY more than that!


Around 9pm I was still feeling a little off so had a handful of the veggie tortilla chips and some hummus.


Unfortunately nothing seemed to kick the headache today but I feeling not so off when I went to bed.