Day 11 – Fun at Volcano Bay

We had a pretty good nights sleep, especially Christy who had only slept for one hour on the flight over. I woke around 4am, read for a bit and then sat at the desk to write up a blog post. Sadly no tea this morning.

View from our room

We ended up setting out around 10am, walking around (the long way) to where the shuttle stop was. Amazingly the bus arrived at the very same time we did.

A short 5 min ride later and we were dropped off near Volcano Bay – though it’s still a bit of walk to get to the main entrance.

We scanned our tickets and made our way inside. Since this is a new park for us we had no idea where anything was and I didn’t see any paper maps available (I think you might have had to ask for them). I vaguely remember reading to head right so that’s what we did, hiring some towels along the way.

Sadly the big wave pool is closed due to refurb. But happily the park was fairly empty and quiet today (though that did mean that a lot of food places were closed). We found a nice little quiet spot with 3 sun lounges and an umbrella and claimed those before heading out to do our first ride – Krakatao.

Luckily this doesn’t have a big flight of stairs to climb and the wait was fairly short. And it was such a fun ride – a hydro coaster. We all really enjoyed it.

We then thought we’d best have something to eat for breakfast. There wasn’t a lot to be found but I did get a veggie wrap – which actually turned out to be rather delicious. Kevin had some sushi.

After eating we headed for the Winding river, more commonly known as the lazy river. I started off without a float but eventually found a spot where I thought I’d be able to get on it – only to have a spectacular and rather funny fail. I even made the life guard laugh :-). Luckily I was more successful of my second attempt.

We then did two nice and relaxing trips around – though this actually does move fairly fast for a lazy river.

From here we moved on the Fearless River. You have a wear a lifejacket here and it quickly become evident why when you realize just how fast this moves you. It’s so fun.

We did two laps before getting out and trying to find the volcano walk through. We think we found it but it wasn’t quite what I remember seeing in vlogs.

We then headed back to our lounges for a little rest. Kevin and I were getting hungry again by now so went in search of some different food. After a whole lap around the park, we ended up back where we’d gotten breakfast from. This time Kevin & I got a cheese pizza to share and Christy got some hot chips. Kevin also filled up his refillable drink cup with an icee.

We laid back and enjoyed our lunch for a while and then went for a repeat of the Winding and Fearless River before one last ride on Krakatoa. Such fun. There were LOTS more slides at the park but Kevin and I still don’t have a lot of energy post covid so knew we wouldn’t manage walking up countless flights of stairs. About 4pm we decided we’d had enough and we all agreed it was a wonderful relaxing day to start our holiday in Orlando.

We walked back to the bus stop and caught the bus the short trip back to the hotel. I then ordered some groceries from Instacart. Christy decided to head to the park for a couple of hours. Our groceries were pretty quick to arrive so after putting them away it was time for Kevin & I to go dinner.

I had made a reservation at Islands Dining Room to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary – which is tomorrow. The place was rather quiet, which was actually very nice.

Kevin had a salad, while I had the Tofu & Brocolli Lo Mein. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Kevin also enjoyed a Strawberry cocktail. We had a lovely time chatting and eating. We don’t often dine out like this so it was a real treat.

After dinner we stopped to take a photo by the Christmas Tree (this is a different one to the lobby tree).

We then had a quick look in the shop before heading back to the room. When we walked in I was surprised to find a light that had been on was now off. Then I realized Christy was in her bed. She hadn’t had such a great night as after walking there she only had time for one ride before the park closed and she had to walk back. Kevin thought the park closed at 8pm, but it closed at 7pm. Poor Moo.

In bed, I stayed up to write this blog post since we have an early start in the morning. I then read a little before going to sleep.