Sweet Saturday

So glad I’m almost 100% again – just have a runny nose and a bit of a cough. Got up just before 7am and headed to the gym for a cardio workout. Did 20mins on the elliptical and 10min on the bike. Came home and had some cruskits with spreadable cheese.


A few hours later I made some breakfast. Today we (well Kevin and I) had scrambled eggs, baked beans and mushrooms.



We had been going to go on an adventure walk today but the girls were bickering so we decided not to bother. Instead we had a day at home – and I pretty much finished off plans for our trip.

The others had a jaffle for lunch but I opted for a salad with falafel and hummus.


I definitely had a case of the muchies with afternoon/evening :-(.



Dinner was Sweet Bean Burritos. Yum!



More snacking…



and at least two or three of these…


Tropical Muffins

Kevin and Amy were off for a day painting his office but they were kind enough to wait till I got back from the gym. Before I left I had a snack of corn thins with cottage cheese. I wasn’t really in the mood to eat just yet but knew it would be best before such an intense workout.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a Saturday morning and I surprised to have the cardio room to myself. It was just after opening at 7am but I was still suprised. I did 20min on the elliptical and 20mins on the bike. Back home I cooled down and had a shower. Around 9am Christy woke up so I made her some french toast for breakfast and I had an egg on toast with a cup of tea.



Since breakfast had been so late I didn’t bother with a morning snack, instead I had a very punctual lunch of leftover salad, a heaping of hummus, a boiled egg and slice of turkish bread.


I really thought I’d be wanting to eat today but I wasn’t bothered. I had some grapes around 3pm.


Then around 4pm a tropical muffin as seen on Oh She Glows. Yummy and healthy! Kevin and Amy enjoyed them too.



Around 5.30pm I was hungry but with dinner time fast approaching I decided on a green smoothie as I was a bit low of fruit & veg today.


Of course, then I didn’t get hungry again. Amy had eaten around 6pm and Kevin wasn’t feeling too well so eventually around 7pm I decided to have my dinner. It was Mexican Rice – brown rice, TVP, corn, black beans and seasoning- topped with tomato and some sour cream. It was a little bland though and I didn’t really enjoy it much. I ate about 2/3.


Lazy Monday

Last nights as I was reading Happy Foody and saw a new pancake recipe. Sounded like the perfect thing for tomorrows breakfast so I went and got it started.

Had a bit of a restless night and woke up with sore back. Put off doing some exercise thinking we might do something later in the day – being that it’s  public holiday for ANZAC Day and we’re all home. Had a cup of tea while reading blogs.

Around 8am I finished off the pancakes and made up a normal batch for the others or in case mine for were a flop (like the last batch of “healthy” pancakes I tried). These, however, were just beautiful. I had mine topped with some banana and maple syrup. Kevin tried one after the “normal” one and said it was pretty good too. Will definitely make these again – though I did have to add some milk to get the right consistency. They looked so good I dove in before taking a photo :-).


Pottered around this morning while the kids and Kevin were playing games on the computer. I also helped Amy pack for the school camp she goes on tomorrow. Around 11am I had some cruskits and cheese (with a cup of tea :-)) and after an ANZAC cookie.


I then worked on my crochet for a bit – I’m trying to make fingerless gloves!! No-one could decide what they wanted for lunch today so we all ended up with something different. Kevin had a chip (crisp) sandwich!!!, Christy a cheese roll, Amy a cheese sandwich and I had a salad (surprise, surprise) with a leftover lentil burger from last night. Also added some leftover onions – yummo!


Spent the afternoon working my gloves – have finally got it worked out, and plans for our UK trip – now finalizing our plans for Scotland. Snack was some cheese, dip and crackers – shared with Kevin.


Dinner tonight was a new recipe – Mexican Rice. Turned out pretty good but I’m not sure I’d make it again as it’s quite similar to other meals we have.


And finally desert – a small bowl of ice-cream.


Back to normal with work and school tomorrow – and housework/groceries for me!