A new week has begun…

It’s a new week and I’m ready to get back on the healthy eating wagon. Started the day with a lovely walk by the lake and a green smoothie.


Then it was on with cleaning the house and a yummy falafel salad for lunch.


Afternoon tea was some tiny teddies I found while cleaning out the kitchen :-(.

Dinner was a burritos made with TVP, cheese and tomato. And don’t you just love how bright tonights photo is? Kevin got me a new camera – isn’t he a sweetie! I can’t believe how much better it is.


And supper…the last of the ice cream (no more until we’re back from the UK) and a choc strawberry bought yesterday.



I’m all geared up and ready to get back on track with the Red Carpet Ready program. Which means no cakes, cookies, lollies, ice cream and only the occasional dark chocolate until we leave for the UK in 5.5 weeks. It’s crunch time!