Sleepy Sunday

A very lazy day in our house – mainly because Kevin is suffering with the man flu :-). Unfortunately I’ve got a sore throat but I’m hoping it won’t come to anything more. It was strange waking up this morning and knowing I didn’t have to do any exercise. I actually thought about going for a walk but decided not to (mainly because all my workout clothes were downstairs in the laundry 🙂 ). Instead I played on the computer and enjoyed some hot tea. With my second tea I had some cruskits with spreadable tea. Which meant the family decided they wanted breakfast an hour later I wasn’t hungry!! Just a week ago I would have eaten just for the sake of it but today I enjoyed another tea while they ate.


Around 10am I made a green smoothie for myself and Kevin. We were a little low on spinach today and I added some mango so it’s a bit lighter than normal. Still tasted good though.



I was feeling a bit peckish around 11am so had some corn thins with cottage cheese.


I made some pumpkin soup which both Amy & Kevin had for lunch.


I opted for a salad to get in plenty of nutrition. I didn’t enjoy it as much as normal – I think because my throat is sore.


A short while later I had yet more tea and a dark orange choc.


For my afternoon snack I had another Tropical muffin and tea. Although I’ve drank lots of tea today I’ve also tried to drink plenty of water. But the tea is very soothing for my throat.

Dinner tonight was an easy one – cheese on toast.


I felt like some ice cream to sooth my sore throat but instead I had a lozenger :-). Later, when I headed to bed, I made a cup of tea. Kevin was kind enough to give me one of his dark chocolate buds. I didn’t say no :-).

Crazy Tuesday

Ooops, I stayed up too late last night reading and while I woke up at 5am, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake again until nearly 7am!!! Too late for the walk I had planned, esp. when I had to be out the door at 8.15am. After getting ready I sat to eat breakfast with the girls. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to made a bowl of muselli. But I wasn’t really in the mood and only ate a few spoonfulls.


When I got back from uniform shop just after 9am I made a green smoothie. Yummy as always.


After watching some of the launch of I want my bikini body, I headed out to get the groceries. I made a short grocery haul video if you want to see what I got.

It was then time for some lunch – which was pita bread with hummus, a lentil patty and some sprouts. Yummy and so full of goodness.


I packed a banana (and sandwiches for the girls) to take in the car to eat on the way to this afternoons appointment.


Then because it was a crazy afternoon I bought a choc bar which I had on the way home.


Back home eventually I made myself a cup of tea which I had with some healthy handfuls. Feeling a bit stressed with the way the afternoon had turned out.  Of course then I didn’t get hungry until 7pm and since it was just Christy and me for dinner I made some cheese on toast.


Probably not one of my best food days – but not too bad considering how crazy it ended up.

Simple Saturday

Very hard to get out of bed again this morning (hands and feet sore and swollen again) but I did. And I even managed to talk Kevin into coming for a walk with me and dogs this morning. It was nice to have some human company and good chance for us to have a chat.

I made the girls some French Toast for breakfast and decided to have a slice myself. We have ours the Scottish way – with tomato ketchup. Yum.



I then got busy in the kitchen – making bread (for the girls lunch), some lemon cookies and hummus. Christy had a friend over to play and Amy occupied herself on the computer.

Mid-morning I had a cup of tea , a banana and slice of banana cake. I’m trying to teach myself I don’t have to have a cake/cookie with every cup of tea!

I was playing with my new DSLR (Kevin’s spare camera) and the camera was set right so the photos are VERY yellow!


Lunch today was a salad with egg and the homemade hummus.


Amy photographed her lunch today as well. She must have been hungry when she prepared this but only ate 3/4.


This afternoon I played on the computer – working on our holiday plans. I sampled a few of the lemon cookies


and later served some hummus with turkish bread and veggie chips for Kevin & I to munch on.


After a spa and more computer time we had another easy dinner of leftover Mushroom and Potato soup with a chunk of homemade bread. So hard to get decent lighting at the dinner table when it’s dark outside.


I hadn’t planned on having ice-cream tonight but when I had to dish some out for Christy I weakened and did a bowl for myself. Tonight I grated a block of Cadbury fairtrade choc. which was SOOO yummy on the ice cream.