Day 9 – A visit to Town Square

Woke up after sunrise again and we had a lazy relaxed morning. I’m still stuffy in the nose and Kevin was mainly tired and stuffy. Overall he was feeling much better today. Kevin had some overnight oats that I’d bought for myself, while I had the last of the pita breads with some vegan cream cheese and greens for breakfast. I edited Document your Life and wrote up a blog post. Kevin napped.

Around 1.30pm we headed out in an uber to Town Square. We got dropped at Sweet Bubbles – oh the smell when you walk into that store. It’s just delicious. We had a look around and bought some things (including a few things for Christy). 

We then went over to guest services to collect a $20 gift card (for spending over $100) and $10 card (for using uber to get there). I love this shopping centre. It’s lovely and relaxing and decorated beautifully for Christmas. We only ever saw it lit up at night on our first visit here but I still remember how lovely it was.

We looked at going to the Marlin Bar (at Tommy Bahamas for lunch) but decided on Rakaan Ramen (which I already knew had vegan options. Kevin ordered a Crispy Chicken Bowl, while I got the Garnet Vegan Ramen. We both really enjoyed our meals. Best of all we used our $20 pay for our lunch. It turned out we didn’t pay a tip so Kevin left the $10 card as the tip.

I then had a quick look in Torrid for some things that Athena wanted, before we went into Bath & Body Work. It was busy in there as the 3 wick candles were on sale. We just bought some hand sanitisers and some gifts for the kids stockings.

I had a super quick wander through Ulta but couldn’t find what I wanted and didn’t want to ask. We’d had enough shopping after just the few shops. I few that we used to visit are no longer here. So we order another Uber for the ride back to the Wyndham. It’s been such a strange visit to Vegas and I’m kinda sad that we’re leaving as I’m finally feeling ready to visit and do our planned outings. Oh well, next time…

Back in our room it was time to start packing. We haven’t bought a lot but I still had to be strategic to fit everything in, without going into the spare suitcase yet.

When I was done it was time for a cup of tea and to watch some YouTube. We probably won’t get much watched now as we move into the busier part of the holiday. Spare time will be spent blogging, reading and being immersed in the holidays (well that’s the plan). Watching YouTube, or any TV in fact, on holidays is something we’ve only started doing in the last few years.

Around 6pm I went to have a shower and wash my hair, so I didn’t have to do that early in the morning. Dinner tonight was General Tso’s Tofu & rice from the freezer. Another yummy meal. We then watched a bit more YouTube before attending to some more packing. All that is left now is a few last minute things.

We went to be early as Kevin planned to go to sleep early since we had to be up at 4am. I wasn’t too worried as that’s a pretty normal wake up time for me anyway. Of course, Kevin couldn’t sleep. I read for a bit while I enjoyed a cup of tea and went to sleep around 9.30pm.