Day 27 – We almost say farewell to Christy

Again I woke in time to see the sunrise and again I was feeling too fibro sore to go outside and film a timelapse. I ended up playing on my laptop for a bit and then writing up yesterdays blog post.

Christy had started feeling unwell with a sore throat last night and when she woke up around 8am she was not feeling good (and looked even worse). Not good when she’s got to travel home later today. Instead of going to the Animal Kingdom this morning she took my advice and stayed in for a easy morning. Even better she managed to go back to sleep (after having had a rough night) for a few hours.

I had a lovely relaxing time reading in the bath, before getting dressed and doing some animal watching. Kevin also went back to sleep.

When I woke Christy and Kevin up at 12.30pm so they could get ready to leave around 1pm, Christy realized her flight wasn’t until 5.30pm !!! We all had flight changes before our travel date but Christy never passed this one to me. Luckily it didn’t matter too much since I wasn’t having a great day anyway and was in quite a bit of fibro pain. Throughout the morning and early afternoon we’d look outside and see different animals eating the hay that had been left in the morning.

I think these two might have been siblings as they started what I assume was play flighting as it didn’t seem aggressive at all and they wandered off together at the end. It was so cool to see this.

What had planned to leave for the airport at 3pm but Christy’s slow packing (due to not feeling good) meant it was more like 3.15pm. No problem we thought until we got the airport and were stuck in traffic to get to terminal B for over 20mins. It was crazy. And it turns out all the traffic was for pick up not departures but unless you knew your way around the airport you were stuck, like we were. We finally made to the American Airlines pick up area around 4.20pm (still over an hour before departure). We said our farewells to Christy and started the 40min drive back to the resort. We had planned to go the Animal Kingdom for a few house but it was no so late it wasn’t really worth the effort. We should be able to do everything we want tomorrow.

We decided since we now had a free evening that we’d go and get the last of the groceries we should need. We went to Publix again – this time to one near our resort.

While we were doing our shopping we got a text from Christy that she might not make her plane (since she’d had to wait for wheelchair assistance due to feeling dizzy. A little while later we got the confirmation that she had missed her flight to LAX (and therefore her flight to Sydney as there were no alternative flights available). She got rebooked for tomorrow. We we left publix we realized it was now dark and Kevin’s eyes still aren’t the best for driving at night. Add in unfamiliar, wet roads and it was not a suitable for him to drive back (80min+) to the airport so we returned home and Christy organised an uber. Her checked baggage is somewhere – either still at MCO or winging it’s way to LAX or SYD.

Kevin put the groceries away and we decided on some Gardein chick’n tenders and premade mashed potatoes for dinner – which was very yummy. We watched some YouTube until Christy arrived back at the resort. Then it was time for some reading and off to sleep around 9-9.30pm.

Day 26 – Shopping & Moving to Kidani Village

I was pleased to be up before 7am and able to see the sunrise. It was gorgeous this morning. My fibro was acting up again so I stayed in bed as long as possible but at 9am it was time to get up and in the shower so I could get packed. Today was another transfer day. Thankfully packing gets that bit easier and quicker each time and we had called for our bags to be picked up just after 10.30am. Christy had headed off earlier for a day at the Animal Kingdom (since today is her last day here).

We arrived at Disney Springs just on 11am as there were a few shops we were yet to visit. It was busier than expected but nothing like the Saturday that we were here.

After a stop at Erin McKenna’s (vegan) bakery to buy a slice of chocolate cake for me and a pineapple upside down cake for Kevin, we had a quick look in World of Disney, before heading back to the car and driving to the Vineland Premium Outlets where we parked in the multi-story carpark

. Our first stop the Disney Character store where I got a beanie (non-disney related) and picked up a Halloween decor piece for Athena and possibly myself (if Christy doesn’t want it – which she doens’t).

We then had lunch in the foodcourt. I wasn’t feeling too great at this point so I asked Kevin to get me a veggie phillycheese steak – which I’ve had many times before. However Kevin said the server didn’t really know what he was talking about (even though it was on their online menu) but could make it. However when we opened them up both had meat – one chicken and one beef. There was a huge line so I wasn’t making Kevin go back. Luckily they serve it open so I was able to put the two salad halves together with some hot chips. Turned out delicious and was the perfect lunch.

Kevin saw these pups in the food court.

While I was waiting I had been looking at what other stores I might want to check out and found Kipling. I couldn’t find the Sketchers store (which was the whole reason we had come here) but we checked on the map outside and it showed where it was. We walked around to it and spent quite a bit time but eventually found 2 pairs of sketchers for Kevin (both go walks which I rave about).

We then went to Kipling and I came out with 3 bags !!! One to replace the blue one I’ve been using (which just doesn’t go with any of my clothes but is the perfect travel bag otherwise). I also got a new dog walking bag and one for if I’m just carrying my phone (which I don’t do too often but will be great when I don’t have pockets in my clothes – which is most of the time).

We found a spot to park, nice and close to the lift and carried in our shopping bags (well Kevin carried them in), and found our room. It is lovely. Perfectly themed and HUGE – esp our bathroom which could host a party !

When then headed back to the car and headed over to Kidani Village (next to the Animal Kingdom Lodge) where we are staying for the next 6 nights. As we were driving up to it Kevin got a text with our room number. It was 3pm and we were thrilled to be able to go straight to our room. We had also been told to park in the Rafiki section as this place is HUGE !!!!

There is the view from our room and balcony, overlooking the savannah. No animals when we arrived but I’m sure will see plenty while we are here.

I was right. Loved watching the giraffes eating on the ground – they remind us of Kenai trying to eat with long legs.

I got unpacked (for the final time this trip)We opted to do another instacart order instead of going out to the grocery store but it always take so long as the website isn’t easy to navigate. Christy returned home from her day out and caught us up on her adventures.

Kevin had to go to the Kidarni lobby to collect our groceries and took a photo while he was there. If I’d been better it would have been good to for a walk to see it and Animal Kingdom lodge but we’ll get there sometime.

Around dusk we saw more animals. For dinner tonight I cooked Kevin & I a Japanese Sweet Potato (which I love and Kevin hasn’t had before) which I served with a packet salad with a peanut sauce. Kevin was impressed !!

We watched YouTube, Christy had a bath and I read for a bit before going to sleep.

Day 25 – Magic Kingdom in the daytime

I woke up this morning around 7.30am. Unfortunately my pain meds didn’t decrease my morning fibro pain but after a slow morning and a nice bath I felt okay enough to get started with our DAY at the Magic Kingdom. I can’t tell you how much a appreciate the DAS pass (I didn’t need it with the old fast pass system). In my pre-fibro days we always did rope drop – which this morning was 7.30am. No way could I face that most mornings unless I’d been awake around 5am (and that’s on a good fibro day). I know buying Genie Plus would be an option but I don’t know it would work as well for us as I think it would involve more to and froing ie walking around the parks as times aren’t as flexible. The crazy thing is that’s it’s not my fibro pain that makes me eligible but my claustrophobia and noise sensitivity.

We walked over arriving shortly before 11am. Unfortunately Kevin and Christy had a bit of a dispute on the way over so Kevin wasn’t in a good mood. Which meant I didn’t get a photo of all of us in front of the main entry.

We had to move aside for another calvacade as we walked down main street. And luckily it was the one we hadn’t yet seen.

Things were still a little tense during the following photos but luckily things went back to normal after that. It’s been a long time since the 3 of us have spent so much time together and there have only been a handful of “moments” which is pretty good I think.

We also did a superzoom photo – see if you can find us? My outfit choice for today makes it rather easy!

The rides we had DAS passes for were both down – Big Thunder and Space Mountain and wait times for other rides were too long for me and Christy so we decided to go and find a spot for the 12pm parade. Along the way I stopped to take many photos. But sadly I can’t share them here (for some odd reason).

Since I wasn’t feeling great I wanted a proper seat to sit on while we waited. We found one not far from our special spot and waited there for about 20mins before the people sitting on either side of us arrived with turkey legs which all of us, even Kevin, found the smell of to be awful. So we moved back to our special spot.

The Festival of Fantasy parade is a fun one. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen it before or we’ve just seen it in lots of vlogs !!

Big Thunder was now back and running so we headed over there to ride it in the daytime. I think the only reason we don’t ride this much is because it’s far away from everything (esp while the railroad is still not going). We then discussed going on Splash and I now can’t recall while we decided not to ride it then.

We headed to Pirates for another ride

and then it was almost time for our lunch booking at Skipper’s Canteen.

We checked in and a short wait till our table was called. We sat outside on the chairs but there was also a lounge area inside we could have waited at. It was our first time eating here. There are a few different rooms but we were seated in the main room.

Sadly I had a bit of an upset tummy and just wanted something plain. Not the greatest place for this as it’s a more adventurous menu. Luckily our server mentioned an appetizer that wasn’t on the menu – cheese bread with a chimichiri (?) sauce. So I got that. Kevin corn pancakes with some kind of meat and CHristy got mac n cheese and a side of potatoes. Kevin really enjoyed this (as an appetizer it was the perfect size). He also had some kind of fancy drink. Mine was lovely and I ended up trading some of bread for Christy’s potatoes so it worked out really well. Still expensive though – at US$75 (inc. tip) but it was a nice experience. This place wasn’t too noisy and would be a great escape on a hot day. I’m sure we will be back.

After lunch we wandered back to main street and walked through the castle. We went through a few shops and then to watch Mickey’s Philharmagic – which we always enjoy.

The Beasts Caste

We stopped by Gaston’s Tavern but it was closed, so moved to ride Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Not my fav but Kevin enjoyed it.

We had managed to get a DAS pass for the Seven Dwarves Mine Ride but it was down again. Instead we headed over to Haunted Mansion and the It’s a Small World.

Back to Seven Dwarves, which was running but since it had been down so much even the lightening lane had a long wait. It was estimated to be 20-30mins which is more than I could do. Christy really wanted to go on so we left her to it

and walked back to Main Street, stopping for a little photo shoot along the way.

It was getting quite cold now and we hadn’t bought jackets so I was craving something warm. We found a great little spot to sit and Kevin went and got some drinks from the Ice Creamery. He got me a very delicious peppermint hot chocolate and Kevin had a Main Street Float.

Christy arrived shortly after – her wait having been less than 20mins. She said the ride was okay.

We wandered through some more stores on our way down main street and then walked back to our resort. Since it was just 5.50pm I suggested we might go the Villains Lair – it’s on top of Bay Lake Towers and only open to DVC members and guests staying here. So we had a short wait till it opened then we were called and sent up the lift to the 16th floor. Upon walking outside we were presented with the most stunning sunset.

The bar (forgot to blog the rest)…

Day 24

I woke up around 6am in time to film the sunrise – which was a really lovely one today.

I wrote blog posts and edited a vlog. We had no park plans today (being Saturday) so had a relaxed, easy morning. Christy headed off for a day at the Animal Kingdom since she only has a few days left. Kevin went over to the Contempo Cafe to buy some breakfast. They had sides of potatoes so that’s what I had – and they were delicious.

We did’t headed out until 12pm. driving to Publix to get a few dinners and some more breakfast supplies. We were in and out pretty quickly and back to the resort. We just put things away and headed straight out and over to the Contemporary to get a monorail to the Polynesian Resort.

We will be back here on Christmas Day since we have last breakfast booking at Ohana’s. The plan had been to go to the Tambu Lounge for some lunch – but it was really busy. We then tried the Kona Cafe but it was already closed (around 2.30pm).

Not sure what to do we explored the resort and came across Captain Cooks quick service. My notes said it was recommended and that they had a tofu noodle dish. So we found a table outside and Kevin went into to place the order.

It was actually a really lovely place to just hang out (though we were informed that the seating is reserved for the Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace after 3pm). Kevin had some meatballs with rice which he enjoyed. My meal was quite nice and I ate about half of it.

When 3pm rolled around Kevin ordered a drink.

He had a Dark & Tropical Stormy. It took me a minute to work out why the umbrella was inside out – what a cute touch !

We wandered around some more – taking photos of this lovely resort – and checking out some more shops. Unfortunately I don’t think we were the only ones who sort to do a monorail resort tour today !!

We got in line for the monorail to the Grand Floridian. This is probably the most stunning resort on property, especially at Christmas time. So many tree and wreaths and garlands. But it was busy.

The main lobby tree is huge and just incredible.

The pianist was playing while we were there getting some photos taken by the tree.

We did have a bit of wait for the photographer but he was trying to take special photos for everyone and was rather creative, so it was worth the extra time.

We also went to see the Gingerbread House – which is gorgeous – and big enough that they sell gingerbread treats from inside it.

This really a resort you should visit at Christmas Time. Photos do not do it justice.

We had planned to have a drink at the Enchanted Rose but the line was out the door. Obviously my planning did not work out well today but we still got to see all the decorations so that was the main thing.

When we saw the line for the monorail we debated trying to walk back but decided to just wait. Luckily the line moved quickly and we only hate to wait for the second monorail before we were on our way back to the Contemporary and our room.

Even though it was just 5pm we got on/into bed with a cup of tea and a snack of salsa and corn chips and watched some YouTube. Later Kevin made us Mandarin Chick’n for dinner. Christy got back around 8pm just as we were finishing up with the TV. I read for a bit before going to sleep, only to be awoken at 10.05pm by the Electrical Water Pageant, which I could actually see out the window. I would have gone out on the verandah but I didn’t want to wake up Kevin by opening the doors.

It only goes for a few minutes and we cute to see. Not sure if I’d go to the effort to see it from down by the lake at this time of night – but if you’re up and about it would probably be nice. I remember taking the kids (though Christy was only a baby) to see it from the Wilderness Lodge when we stayed there in 2002.