History & relaxation in Warnambool

It was the usual sourdough with jam for breakfast this morning after a little bit of a sleep in. About 10am we headed to get a covid test – which we needed to have before we can enter South Australia. We went to the drive through testing site only to be told we didn’t have a booking and would need to go to another location. When we got there was a line out the door and it looked like it was going to be quite the wait. In the 15 mins we waited Kevin got online and registered for a booking at the drive through place. There was no option to select a time so we just went back around. Apparently we were naughty and should have gone to to the other place. But the lady hadn’t been clear enough that they were sending ALL interstate travellers there. But since the drive through place was quiet they did the tests for us there. It was my first covid test and honestly not too bad.

With the test done we drove back to Flagstaff Hill for our daytime visit. Upon arrival we got to read more about the ship wrecks that happened in the area, esp. that of the Loch Ard. It’s so hard to believe that this peacock statue survived- it must have been very well packed in it’s crate.

We got to read more about the people and relics from the Loch Ard and then look through all the village shops & buildings of this replica 1800s town.

The pub/inn rules

Kevin was very excited when the lolly shop opened and he was able to buy some lollies. The lady volunteering there was just lovely and we had a nice little chat with her.

It was so quiet today and there was just a handful of other people about. It was really like we had the whole village to ourselves. The buildings are really well created and interesting to see. Definitely well worth the visit (though if you have young kids it’s probably best to come during school holidays when they have more events on).

Kevin taking some inspiration from Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain

I was very excited to see the Mareema’s (famous for guarding penguins and the movie Oddball – but they were having their morning nap when we arrived and refused to get up so we could see them better. I had thought we’d be able to pat them but I can also understand why we couldn’t – esp. during covid times.

We did get to to pat the sheep though – he was much more cooperative.

We left here just after 12pm and went into town (about 3 mins away) to have a look at a store I’d heard about. It was certainly very impressive and we did pick up a few edible gifts. In the old days I know I would have bought a lot of things here. I did contemplate an apron I liked but reminded myself I had already decluttered down to 2 and I wouldn’t want to get rid of either of my Disney ones.

I had thought we could get lunch here but that no longer seemed to be the case so we went back to the Mexican place we had parked in front of. We ordered takeaway and sat outside while we waited for it to be cooked. The place was pretty busy which we took as a good sign.

We made a quick trip to IGA on the way home to pick up dinner for the next two nights, then it was back to our place to have lunch. I had vegan tacos and Kevin had a trio of 3 varieties. We both absolutey loved our meals. One of the best we’ve had on this trip.

There was just enough time for us to have lunch and watch a YouTube video before putting on our swimsuits and heading the Deep Blue Hot Springs.

Neither of us really knew what to expect here. We were booked in for a session time of 2.30-5pm. We put our things into a pigeon hole (there are also lockers available) and went through to the springs. We quickly realized most was outside in the sun so went back inside and bought some sunscreen.

Take two and we made it outside again. Turns out this place is a series of hot pools/waterfalls – some of different temperatures and water levels. We both LOVED it. 

Our favourite experience ended up being the shallow pool where you could like down and look up at the clouds. There were a few noisy groups which did spoil some of the tranquility of the place but we really loved our time here.

By 4pm we were feeling a bit waterlogged and very relaxed. We had a quick shower to rinse off the sulphur and got changed, then drove back to our home.

We watched some YouTube and I attending to a few jobs like ironing and starting to pack.

Tonight I had an Amy’s frozen meal for dinner – love these so much and can only usually find some gluten free ones (which this was) and Kevin had a fridge meal.

Not the greatest sunset tonight as it was pretty cloudy.