Wildlife Wonders

Surprisingly we were able to see the sunrise this morning. I wasn’t expecting it so will try to get some better photos tomorrow. Boy was it special being able to drink my tea snuggled up on the lounge under a blanket and watching the waves roll in and clouds float by.

We had a slow morning watching waves, doing some things online and having some breakfast (sourdough toast with jam) before we headed out. There was rain expected later in the day but for the now the weather was lovely.

The coastline is just stunning and there are some spectacular trees around Apollo Bay. We hsd about a 20min drive to Wildlife Wonders where we were booked to go on their guided tour. We got checked in and had a look around the gift store since we were early. There were quite a few things we wanted to purchase but wanted to wait until after the tour so we wouldn’t have to carry them around.

Our tour started with a little info session at 10am giving us an ear piece & radio so we could hear the guide, some binoculars and a bit more info about the conversation center. Then we headed outdoors on our walk to learn about and see some of the wildlife and fauna that are native to the Otways. The animals are free to roam around the property but there is a fence that is fox and feral cat proof to protect them. We saw some emus, a wallaby, a cute tiny bird sitting on a nest, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and a few koalas (most of them spotted by Kevin) high up in the trees. We also learned about some of the plants, including one (2nd row center) which was only discovered a few years ag.

One thing I found really fascinating with the Mother Shield fern, which grows a baby fern on a frond , the weight gradually lowers it the ground and the “mother fern” then protects/shields it.

It was nice easy walk along the boardwalk through different kinds of ecosystems that are found in the area and then out onto the open clifftops where we had stunning view of the ocean and could even see people hiking /walking the Great Ocean Walk. It was rather windy up here and chilly too.

We then visited the research center. It was odd because the staff who work there obviously leave (I assume) when I group comes on (or they are off doing something else) but their computers are mid work and their bags are left lying by their desks. There are some information posters and guides and cute little tortoise.

And there were a few kangaroos watching the going ons. On the way back to the center we learnt more about how they conduct research around the grounds.

It was a really good tour, and something different. Would be an amazing way for international tourists to see our wildlife in a more natural setting. We picked up the things we wanted from the gift shop and got a piece of this vegan ginger loaf. I ate in the car and it was AMAZING.

We drove back into Apollo Bay and parked near Food Works as we were needing a few more grocery items, which we got before walking to the main street to go to the bakery – which I had read had some vegan options. The vegan pasties looked good but we had walked past a noodle shop on the way and decided to get that for lunch. Instead I picked out a vegan lamington. Kevin got an apple cake. We had super quick walk the small markets that were being held and then want to Chopstix to order lunch. They had quite a few things on their menu that could be made vegan. Oh,how the world has changed for us vegans !! We decided to get it takeaway since we have such an amazing view at our studio.

Back home and we were super excited to dig into our lunch. I had sweet and sour tofu. And it was AMAZING. So sad I can’t get this at home. Kevin also really enjoyed thi beef & noodle dish.

We had a really lazy afternoon – some of which was spent writing blog posts in bed (since was nice and comfy and cozy). And yes, I had already gotten into my pajamas :-). Outside there was a bit of rain but it didn’t really come to very much.

Later on I had my lamington and it was really good. Such a spurlge having two sweet treats in one day but they were so worth it. Kevin really liked his apple cake (I really need to start photographing more of his food).

Dinner tonight was some veggie burgers.

After dinner we enjoyed a nice bath (complete with a lush bath oil). The nights still get pretty cold here so Kevin has enjoyed putting the fire on in the evening as the sun goes down. And I managed to capture another lovely sunset.