Queensland Cruise – Day 5 – Cairns


Had  a great nights sleep and woke up around 6.30am just as we starting into Cairns. It turns out the ship had been given permission to dock right in Cairns so that was great news. We headed up to Windjammers and had breakfast as we came into Cairns. Then we headed up on deck for a while. It looked rather miserable and kind of magical with the clouds clinging to the mountains. Luckily we only had a few little bit of rain the whole day.


While we waited Kevin & I were playing on our phones. I had service and he didn’t….


Once we disembarked we walked to the visitors information centre to organise a tour to Kuranda. This was easily done and we sat and enjoyed a smoothie while waiting for our bus pick up.


At 9.40am we were on our way to the Skyrail. We were lucky enough to arrived just before the cruise bus tour did and got ahead of the crowds.
The skyrail was fun as we soared above the rainforest and looked back towards Cairns. Just beautiful scenery.




Upon arrival in Kuranda we caught the bus to the markets. We had a wander around, then visited the Butterfly Sanctuary. Lots of lovely butterflies – but these guys were rather hard to photograph. One that I had been trying to capture landed on Kevin’s ear but flew off before I press the button on my camera.

We walked past the shops on the main street – lots of lovely things but we didn’t buy anything.


We stopped for a lunch at a lovely place overlooking some of the rainforest. Funnily enough it was same place we’d had lunch when I was here in 2001.  Amy was just 18months and I remembered all the things she had loved about the trip. Kevin and I shared some nachos.


After lunch we walked back to the train station. At the last minute (and after seeing the carriage) we decided to splurge and upgrade to Gold Class. How posh!!!


We checked out the gift shop and bought a few items, and had a chat with a fellow cruiser until it was time to board. Gold Class was great. We had a lovely carriage with nice comfy seats (unlike the bench seats in the rest of the train). We were served drinks and given some souvenirs.




Later we were served cheese/crackers and dried fruit. The cheese was delicious. And no, this wasn’t all for us :-).


The trip back down the mountain is stunning and we both really enjoyed it.





Back in Cairns Kevin visited the Telstra shop so we can hopefully get some internet access and get this post published. I got an iced chocolate and Kevin had a coffee from Gloria Jeans which we enjoyed while walking back to the ship. I also managed to ring the girls and it was nice to hear their voices again.

It was VERY hot and humid today and nice to get on board the ship and into the air conditioning.


Feeling rather tired after a busy day (and the heat is draining) so we’ll head up to dinner soon and have another early night (luckily there is no show on tonight).

NOTE: Kevin managed to get the internet working after we left Cairns.

Tonights towel animal….will have to wait till next time….

6 thoughts on “Queensland Cruise – Day 5 – Cairns

  1. Hi Libby , it sounds like you are having a great time. We also loved Airlie Beach when we went there last year.Enjoy the next half of your trip, all is well on the home front,love from mum

  2. Love the photos – you guys sound like you are having a very relaxing time!

    The towel animals are cracking me up 🙂

  3. Oooh, I’m reliving some of our trip! 🙂 That Gold Class looks lovely. Think we might have to try that ourselves next time we go – sans kids of course. 🙂

  4. I am seriously jealous! Looks like you’re having a fantastic, relaxing time. That towel monkey was a work of art! Love all the photos too.

  5. Enjoying your photos and commentaries!

    When you said, “We stopped for a lunch at a lovely place overlooking some of the rainforest. Funnily enough it was same place we’d had lunch when I was here in 2001,” what is the name of the restaurant you were at? Was it in Kuranda? We will be there in a month and would love to go there.

    Thanks, and continued fun, safe travels!

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