Saturday in the kitchen

I woke around 6.30am and thought about doing a workout. I debated with myself and was inspired by Lisa at Bike Bake Blog who not only exercises on cold Winter mornings – but leaves the house to do so. Finally I got into my exercise clothes and did my red carpet ready workout. Since I really didn’t want to do it I just did one of the short SAS-E workouts. Loved it and as always felt great afterwards.

Of course, then it was time for a green smoothie. One day I’ll have to make him one of his own.

Around 8.30am I had some cruskits with spreadable cheese.


I spent the morning in the kitchen – cleaning out the fridge/freezer and pantry and doing fun jobs like window sills and skirting boards. I did have a break around 11am for a babybell cheese and banana.


While I was in the kitchen I made some lemon cookies (as we have loads of lemons on our tree). Amy snapped this photo just after I’d wrapped the dough to place in the fridge.


By the time I finished the kitchen, vaccumed downstairs and help Kevin remodel the chicken yard it was well after 1pm and time for lunch. Amy and Kevin had jaffles but I opted for a salad – using the last of the rice balls. Love these and will need to make a trip to only organic store in Wollongong to restock after our holiday.


I spent the afternoon finally getting our plans typed up into tripit. I drank way too many cups of tea and around 4pm prepared a cheese platter to share with Kevin. I forgot to take a photo but it looked pretty much like the one I had yesterday but with a few other types of cheese. My legs were starting to feel a bit sore so I know I’ll be feeling it in the morning.

Dinner was homemade pizza on pita bread I found when cleaning out the freezer. Kevin didn’t want pizza so he had spaghetti on toast. My pizza had BBQ sauce, corn, tomato, pineapple and cheese.


Tonight we watched Elizabeth – the virgin Queen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dead bodies, war and blood as I’ve seen in the last few weeks while we’ve watched all these historical shows and documentaries in preparation for our trip.

Later Kevin announced he felt like some chocolate so Amy divided up the block of Cadbury’s (fair trade) that was in the fridge. Loved how she served it in our little dishes. I definitely do {heart} chocolate.


Weekend Food Fog

Okay… we’re not going to dwell on how bad eating was over the weekend and i hardly took any photos – so I’ll just give some highlights.

Lunch on Saturday was leftover pizza..dinner was tacos made with TVP…



Sunday was Mothers Day. I was bought tea and freshly baked cookies in bed. I didn’t eat all of these mind you :-).


Later we had breakfast…


my portion..


We then headed off for a day at Belgenny Farm. Lots of fun but nothing proper for me (being vegetarian) to eat so I kind of snacked…

an icee…


chocolate covered strawberries…

Chocolate covered strawberries

and some cookies in the car on the way home. Needless to say I rather starving when we got home at 4pm so enjoyed some cheese and crackers.

Later I dug out some fried rice from the freezer which we enjoyed for dinner.


Freaky Friday

A lovely morning walk – though a good bit chillier this morning. I’m in a bit of a slump because my weight loss is VERY slow and at the rate I’m going I will NOT fit into my jeans before our trip. And buying another pair isn’t another option – I’ve tried but I’m right in between sizes. The next size up are too big. I don’t want to gain weight so I therefore, have to lose a bit of weight – only about 4kgs so it’s still doable but I need to get a move along. Not that you’d think so by todays eats :-(.











There was other stuff conveniently not photographed :-). Not good. Definitely not the way to be fitting in my jeans, and hardly a fruit or veggie to be seen.

Great start to the weekend

Thankfully I woke up this morning WITHOUT a headache and managed to stay headache free all day. As soon as I awoke and saw the brilliant orange streaks of the sunrise, I launched out of bed and got ready to go for a walk. Unfortunately by the time everyone was ready (the dogs and Amy) and we got down to the lake we missed the best part of the sunrise but it was still lovely none-the-less. And still so warm for late April.



When we got back I had a glass of water and read blogs for a bit before going and doing the Red Carpet Ready session I missed yesterday. I did SASE – strong again. Next week I need to kick things up a bit I think. Post workout I enjoyed a green smoothie.


Played on the computer much of the morning, in addition to doing things like getting dinner started in the crockpot and making an oat slice (a new recipe).


I had a late breakfast with the family. Only ate half though as the bread had that frozen taste it sometimes gets from the freezer.


Around 11am I had a handful of grapes…


then enjoyed the other half of my smoothie on the way to my book group.


Lunch at book group is often pizza – which it was today. Despite the smoothie at 12pm I was getting hungry again by the time pizza arrived at 1.30pm. I had two pieces of the veggie one. Should have only had one as the pizza today was rather oily and I didn’t feel great after the second piece. I was too self conscious to take a photo – until I found myself alone in our meeting room – luckily there was still one piece left to photograph :-). Yuck – look at the grease – they aren’t normally that bad!


Got home just after 3.30pm and put together an afternoon snack to enjoy with Kevin. I’m not real keen on store-bought dips (except hummus) but this roast capsicum one was rather nice. However, after looking more closely at the ingredient list (compared to the hummus) I’m not sure I’ll be buying it again.


Since we’d had a substantial afternoon snack we didn’t end up eating dinner until 7pm. Unfortunately the crockpot meal was a big flop. After cooking for 8 hours the potato was still not cooked through. Oh, well, at the least the dogs will have a yummy dinner tomorrow night. Instead I whipped up a quick substitute of brown rice, falafels, pineapple and hummus. Kevin then proceeds to tell me he’s getting a bit sick of falafel??? Surely that can’t be possible :-).


The night was spent putting the final touches on this blog before making it’s introduction to the WWW. Around 9pm I enjoyed a small bowl of vanilla ice-cream with a  small amount of chocolate flake on top. Yum! This is about a 1/4 of the bowl I used to have and I enjoyed every bite and did not feel one bit deprived.


Finally I enjoyed a cup of tea. I was tempted to have a chocolate but realized I didn’t need one and I’d already enjoyed my ice-cream so left it at that.

*** Oh, and the oat slice didn’t quite work out. It’s rather soft but should still be edible.