Freaky Friday

A lovely morning walk – though a good bit chillier this morning. I’m in a bit of a slump because my weight loss is VERY slow and at the rate I’m going I will NOT fit into my jeans before our trip. And buying another pair isn’t another option – I’ve tried but I’m right in between sizes. The next size up are too big. I don’t want to gain weight so I therefore, have to lose a bit of weight – only about 4kgs so it’s still doable but I need to get a move along. Not that you’d think so by todays eats :-(.











There was other stuff conveniently not photographed :-). Not good. Definitely not the way to be fitting in my jeans, and hardly a fruit or veggie to be seen.

Out and about

I was woken up early this morning by Bailey being sick. Eventually at 5.30am I gave up on going back to sleep and got out of bed. Of course with him not feeling well a walk was out of the question. This plan to walk every day is NOT working out very well. Started the day with a cup of tea and chocolate muffin.


After dropping Amy at AG I headed off into town for some shopping. Before heading home at 11.30am I got an iced chocolate from Gloria Jeans as I was rather hungry (not suprising when I didn’t have a proper breakfast).


I also picked up this parcel which I was very excited to recieve. So fun to have leftovers in….


I even used it for afternoon tea as well…


While Christy was having her singing lesson Amy and I went to a coffee shop. I had a tea and a mouthful of Amy’s lemon tart – but it was too sweet for me.


Dinner was an easy one tonight – potato gnocchi with cheese sauce.



Off to class

This morning I struggled to get up and get going with my planned exercise – but I did it and felt better for it. Afterwards I enjoyed a green smoothie.


Today there was a bit extra…


which the dogs were very pleased to have..


Later I enjoyed a cup of tea and the last banana muffin.


Then it was time to pack for class.


I was so excited about this vegetarian cooking class and it did not disappoint. I came away full of knowledge and a new found confidence. Great stuff.

We made, and sampled, a number of dishes.

My favourite was the hummus and salad.


My portion on a small plate. I made sure to only try a little of each to make sure I didn’t get too full.


We also made a thai curry…


and pad thai…


and dahl. A little bit of each for me.


Finally we had Vegan banana bread. Goodness this was fantastic. The top had gotten burnt and was cut off.


Totally loved the class and can’t wait to go to more. When I left it was time to go pick up Amy from the train station as she was coming home from camp. Then a quick shop in Aldi. I was hungry when I walked in the door, so had a bowl of Mushroom & Potato soup while chatting to Amy. Christy arrived home from school shortly after and joined us at the table.


I was thrilled to find some bananas in the freezer so was able to make some banana cake from todays class :-).

Around 5pm I had a banana and cup of tea. I also used to have a “treat” with my tea but I’m trying to teach myself that fruit and tea is okay as well :-).


Tonights dinner was courtesy of the freezer – samaosas & brown rice, with some Turkish bread and leftover pad thai (from class).


Supper tonight was, of course, banana cake. Everyone enjoyed it so it’s a real winner of a recipe. I also enjoyed the very last ANZAC cookie.


Let the food blog begin

I have decided to take the plunge in the wonderful world of health food blogging. I get so much out of the blogs that I read that I thought creating my own might help keep me a bit more accountable about what I eat, and maybe even, provide some ideas for my readers – esp, those in Australia, as I am yet to find many Aussie health food blogs (if anyone knows of any PLEASE let me know).

And so…on to our first day. Now is there are a better way than to start the day than with a green smoothie blended in my BRAND NEW Vitamix.


The morning was spent doing jobs around the house and decluttering stuff in my scrapbook room. Mid-morning I had a cup of tea and a handful of …..healthy handfuls. Yes, I know these are made for kids – but I just LOVE them.


It was such a beautiful Autumn day and both girls were out playing with friends so I decided to take my lunch outside.


Most warmer days I have a salad  made up of greens, cucumber, tomato, pineapple- todays was topped with marinated tofu & a squirt of mayonnaise. Delicious. Both the weather and the food.



My lunch partner…


Around an hour after lunch I like to have a cup of tea and usually something sweet. I debated having two biscuits…


But was really feeling like more crunching so swapped for some cruskits with spreadable cheese…


But I have confess… I did go back for those biscuits later. I also drank many more cups of tea throughout day – rather neglecting my water today :-(.

Around 4pm I was peckish again so had some crackers topped with Camembert cheese – yummo!


Tonights dinner was made up of leftovers – with the addition of some vegetables – as it was just 3 of tonight (Amy was at a sleepover).


Dessert was custard – something I haven’t had in months – as I know it’s not the healthiest. I really felt like some raisin toast but we didn’t have any – guess what I’ll be buying tomorrow :-).