Winter has finally arrived

Well, winter finally arrived today. It’s cold and wet and a good day to stay indoors. I spent the morning cleaning and declutting my bedroom and bathroom and going through my wardrobe. Was a bit depressing finding all these nice clothes that no longer fit. I realize I do need to buy a few things – namely some long pants. Also spent time in the kitchen – made a barley, chickpea and carrot soup (new recipe), sweet potato rissoto and then later some pumpkin soup. Took some down to Granny – she was pretty pleased. Scrapped a couple of pages and spent time on the computer. Quite a nice day. I feel I’m gaining a much better control over the house and I think it’s impacting on the girls – morning have definitely been a lot less stressful. Didn’t get to the gym today – my heel was way too sore after doing the bedroom, but I did take Rosie for her run – and yet again, she went in the thick, black mud. And much as she hates getting hosed off she now knows that’s what happens when we get home.

Still been slack about our trip diary…..