Cards and layouts


Went to see the new Stampin’ Up catelogue and have a play with the new stamps (Hi Vicki!!!). Lots of fun. Above are the two cards we made.

Came home all inspired and made a card for my cousin’s Engagement Party on Saturday night (close your eyes if you’re reading this Chris & Mel)


Some more cards I made last week.


Layouts I did tonight (now I NEVER scrapbook at night) for the title pages for my Library of Memories albums. I’m pretty pleased how they turned out. The colour is the same as the album.


And finally a couple of layouts I’ve done this week. This one was inspired by Laura Vegas’ layout ‘My little Ballerina‘ (not that mine looks as cute as hers).


I actually added a couple of photos the side of the sisters layout afterwards – from when the girls were younger – just felt it needed something else.

Sisters layout

2 thoughts on “Cards and layouts

  1. Love your pages you created for your Library of Memories books. I took that class the first time is was offered and I loved it. I now have her new book – did you get it?

  2. love the title pages for your library of memories albums! i’ve been working on organizing my albums … but the title pages are something that i never seem to get around too. lol!

    love the take on my layout too! love the black paired with the pink!

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