Decluttering the wardrobes

Wardrobe after

This is a job I’ve been wanting to tackle for a few weeks now. I’m pretty good and do go through our wardrobes on a regular basis. But this time I was ruthless. If something didn’t look good or is never going to look good, out it went. Some were thing I bought as I was losing weight and actually never wore cause they didn’t really do much for me. Amy was off school today (sick) so I got her to look through her wardrobe and we got rid of anything she doesn’t like (later we and go through and check what’s left actually fits). I also went through bins of Amy’s old clothes to see what might fit Christy for Summer, so she has a pile of clothes to try on. Later I’ll do a list of what I need to buy for the girls. I think all I need is some dressier pants (have plenty of casual ones). Oh, that bottom row of clothes are clothes that “almost” fit.

This is what I got rid of. I love those red shoes but they are NOT comfortable.

clothes to donate shoes to donate

And this is from the girls

Girls clothes/shoes to donate

I also tidied and cleaned all the bedrooms so I’m feeling VERY tired now. It took from 9am till about 2pm.

2 Comments to “Decluttering the wardrobes”

  1. By Annie Adams, August 27, 2008 @ 9:47 pm

    Good for you Libby……I need to do the same………one of my least favorite jobs……….the shoe thing is a BIG one that needs to be done………maybe you have inspired me……..but I am sure I can find many excuses not to start:)

  2. By Bel, August 28, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

    It’s almost Spring, probably time for me to do this again too!

    What do you do with your unwanted items?

    Firstly, I pack some off to friends who might use them. The less-nice stuff goes directly to the op shop. Very occasionally there’s some daggy kids’ tshirts etc and they go to the shed for rags. 🙂