It’s not all playtime

Had fun on Thursday afternoon, playing with my new supplies. Didn’t actually do any layouts but sorted out my new goodies and found homes for everything.

Friday Christy was in the school district swimming carnival.

Christy at district swimming carnival Christy at district swimming carnival

She was only in one race – came second last but at least she finished – so we were home just after 10am. Instead of heading straight to the scrapbook room I thought I’d be a good girl and start on organising the study/spare room.

BEFORE: There is a desk under there somewhere.

Study before


spare room after


study before


Spare room after

There is still a bit more work to be done. I’m going to move all my romance books up here and let the girls have the downstairs book case. Kevin did lift the photocopier onto the drawers for me. It’s so nice walking past this room now :-).

Work done, I had some lunch and then completed these.

Layout Layout - friends

One from our year 12 formals – way back in 1988.

layout - formal

And for a laugh a close up of the photos:

Kevin's Year 12 formal My Year 12 Formal

And finally, a layout by Christy. I was pretty impressed as I didn’t help her at all.

Layout by Christy

4 thoughts on “It’s not all playtime

  1. Hello Libby,
    Nice pictures.
    I seem to be forever trying to organise our stuff and trying to do it without getting more shelves or containers. Yours look good.
    Also, I like your header picture. Where is it?
    Best wishes, Ann.

  2. You are so amazing with keeping things organized. I loved looking at all the goodies you got in the mail…lots of fun to be had. The blast from the past pictures are so fun….cute LO! Congrats to Christy on her swimming…I used to swim and always came in last!

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