A Day in My Life – October ’09

Rosie and Lilly

Feeling a bit tired when I awoke at 5.45am. The girls had their first dance concert last night so it was nearly 10.30 by the time we got home and after 11am before I went to sleep. I cuddled with Rosie for a bit (trying not to wake up Christy who is sleeping with me while Kevin is away in the States). I decided no more sleep was to be had and got up after 6am. Downstairs to let the dogs out and get my first cup of tea for the day. Kevin rang so I spoke to him for a  bit – sounds like he’s enjoying himself and his convention is off to a good start. I checked my e-mail, caught up on the RCR forums and uploaded some photos to flickr.

Morning cup of tea

Around 8am I got hungry for breakfast. I decided upon last nights dinner leftovers from Noodle Box. Strange I know but rather yummy. I didn’t want it to get wasted and I want to have a salad for lunch, then we’ll be out for dinner again – so noodles for breakfast it is.

Breakfast - leftover noodles

With Christy asleep in my bed I wasn’t able to shower and get dressed, so after spending time on the computer I pottered around feeding the animals, emptying the dishwash and tidying the kitchen. Christy finally woke up about 9.15am so I was about to get ready for the day.

I then headed out the chicken yard – due to a broken fence (which has no been fixed) and all the rain we had last week it was rather messy. I quick sweep and tidy and it was looking much better.

Dirty chicken area

Clean chicken area

Two eggs so far today, I’ll check back later for more.

Next up cleaning the guinea pig cage. While I was doing this (it literally takes 5 mins) Christy decided she wanted to give them a  bath – so we did.

bath time for the guniea pigs

Bath time for the guinea pigs

I love watching them shake and groom themselves after a bath – so cute. As you can see I had fun getting some close-ups.

Time for a close up


Time to finish the animal trifecta and pick up after the dogs. Also watered the front pot plants while I was out there.

I was wanting a cup of tea but decided to make a green smoothie as I haven’t had one for about a week – it’s been too cold and/or I’ve been too busy. I know they don’t look very nice but I promise they are delicious.

making a green smoothie

Green smoothie time

I then headed out to spend some time in the veggie garden – weeding, fertilizing (with a seaweed organic fertilizer), planting some carrot seeds and sprinkling some snail bait (something has eaten the “2nd” lot of cucumber seedlings I’ve planted, PLUS our pumpkins – NOT HAPPY!!!

Then it time to hang out in the kitchen for a bit. I made some soup I’ve been wanting to try (and will probably take this to have tonight). It was a recipe by The Healthy Irishman for Curried Split Pea Soup. I did alter the recipe a little bit but I think it’s turned out great. Tastes delicious and I can’t wait till dinner :-).

It’s nearly 1pm and time for some lunch. I made myself that salad I felt like and a salad plate for Amy (who does not like lettuce). I worked on some of our UK travel plans while I ate.


Christy has gone to play at Nan’s and Amy has a friend over so after a bit more time on the computer I decide on doing some crocheting. However, I get sidetracked cleaning up the kitchen. Then Christy comes back and we make some ginger cookies. While they are baking I cut some watermelon and go out to collect todays eggs and deliver some scraps to the chooks.Fresh eggs

Cookies are done – they didn’t quite turn out like they normally do. I checked the recipe and don’t know what went wrong – though the mixture seemed a lot drier than normal. Amy said they taste fine though.

Finally I get to start work on learning how to do granny square. Don’t have much luck – my square is turning out to be a circle!!!

Then it was time to get ready for the dance concert. Had to do both girls hair and makeup and make sure their bags are all packed (they do this themselves).

Packing for the dance concert

I was lucky enough to get parking right outside the art center (yet again).

Ready for the dance concert

We dropped Christy at the backstage entrance and I took Amy to get some dinner from Noodle Box, before she went backstage. I then headed back to my car, where I read and ate my VERY yummy soup.

Dinner in the car

Just before 6pm I walked over to the Arts Center and got set to see tonights concert. Just like last night the girls loved being up on stage performing and both did great. I’ll share some photos in the next post. Luckily it’s always a great concert and no great hardship to sit through it twice – though my backside might not agree :-).

It was a bit of sad ending because Kristy has sold the dance company to another studio and although she will still be teaching it was the last KCs concert. There have been 10 and we’ve attended 7 of those. The new studio have a lot to live up in regards to the standard of the concert. We arrived back home around 10.15pm and after getting a cup of tea and trying to read – unsuccesfully cause Christy kept talking to me – I turned out the light and went to sleep.

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  1. That sounds like a nice gentle day. Sorry I’m so late with my comments – have been trying to get to it since you put it up! (And noodles for breakfast doesn’t sound strange to me at all!)

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