Bowral Tulip Festival – Part 1

Bowral tulip festival

It’s been 10 years since I been to the Bowral Tulip Festival, and Christy and Kevin have never been. So today was the day. But before we move along here’s a photo of Amy the last time she was here – at just 18 months.


The only downside to going on a Sunday was that it was quite busy and somewhat hard to take photos without anyone else in them. But it was a beautiful sunny day – a great day for a family day out.


Bowral tulip festival

Bowral tulip festival

After checking out all the tulips and other flowers (close up photos to follow in another post) we watched some highland dancing. And Amy even joined in.

Scottish dancing

Amy dancing

Then it was time to view some of the market stalls and get some lunch.

Christy's lunch Amy's lunch

Kevin's lunch Libby's lunch

We then moved on to Moridart Gardens. These are private gardens that are only opened for 2 months a year. It was lovely to wonder around and check out all the beautiful flowers and plants. It’s not really Kev’s thing but he was a good sport and the girls and I really enjoyed it.

Garden pathways




Country home



It was my first outing with the epiphany bag and it was great.

First outing for the new camera bag

As you can see I’m not the only photographer in the family…


Lastly we stopped at a nursery and bought some more plants for the back yard. The girls both got a cactus.

More tulip and flower photos to come later. For now we’re off to dinner with friends.

3 thoughts on “Bowral Tulip Festival – Part 1

  1. Libby, it must be ten years since I last went to the Tulip Festival too. In my photos my son is about 18 months old too and Action Man is on crutches recovering from a snapped Achilles Tendon. And I’m pregnant…I feel a trip to Bowral coming on this week….And as ever, I love your photos.

  2. What a fantastic day out for the whole family. Even if it’s not really Kev’s thing at leas he still got some exercise and some fresh air. Have a great week Libby. Hope you enjoy the holidays.

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