More Picture Spring Photos

Nothing too eventful happening around my house this week so I thought I’d share some more of the photos I’ve taken for Picture Spring.

9th October – everyday

Picture Spring - 9th October

11th October – hearts

Picture Spring - 11th October

12th October – Awakening

Picture Spring - 12th October

13th October – a different point of view

Picture Spring - 13th October

16th October – Shadows

Picture Spring - 16th October

17th October – Pattern (part of our Halloween witch)

Picture Spring

18th October – Appreciation day (grass)

Picture Spring - 18th October

19th October – Hidden messages

Picture Spring - 19th October

2 thoughts on “More Picture Spring Photos

  1. Spring? Wow, where are you?! haha it’s FALL for us here and the crisp cool air can be felt by all 🙂 I like your pictures and the perspective on them. Nice work!

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