List Day

My bloggy friend Heather of Little Tin Bird has been having list week over on her blog and I’ve been inspired to join in with a list about things I’ve been up to this week.

1. Cleaned my house from top to toe.

2. Took Amy to her High School Orientation Day

3. Lamented my fairly new and expensive food processor not working properly.

4. Was thankfully my Mum is right next door so I could borrow her processor to finish making my date & coconut rolls.


5. Took the dogs for lots of lovely sunrise walks.

6. Patted one of my chickens – usually they don’t like to be patted.

7. Planned and prepared our house for visitors.


8.Picked the first zucchinis from the vegetable garden and made zucchini slice.

9. Had a nice lunch with my parents and their friends.

10. Watched Christy riding her brand new bike – her first bike that was not a hand-me down from Amy.


11. Filled uniform orders up at the school.

12. Watched the Hawks beat the Sydney Kings (our arch rivals) by over 20 pts !!!!

13. Attended Amy’s AG Presentation Day

14. Went to the post office to a pick up a parcel that they supposedly tried to deliver …. when I know I was home.

15. Was thrilled with the parcel – two gorgeous aprons and some new placemats that I had ordered online.


16. Drank lots of tea in my Christmas cup.

17. Put out some more Christmas decorations and listened to Christmas music.

18. Started putting a few things together for a Christmas giveaway on my blog (details coming soon)

19. Discovered a new (and wonderful) cooking magazine – Easy Food from the UK


20. Took a trip down memory lane (and got all teary) while listening to a CD I bought in Scotland, by UK band The Munros

21. Took the girls to Roller Skating lessons

22. Had my car washed by the girls and their friends.


23. Received a lovely surprise in the mail – a lovely ball of wool bought my bloggy friend, Chantel.


24.  Managed to drop a mostly empty container (out of the freezer) on my toes and could not believe how much it hurt

25. Had a fantastic day with our friends the Powells and loved hearing all about their trip to Disneyland.

26. Went on another family bike – this time to the local shopping center.



3 thoughts on “List Day

  1. Enjoyed reading your list Libby…I might pop over to Little Tin bird and join in too.
    Love your new apron and I Hope your toe is ok now x

  2. Wow, you sure have been busy. I love the look of that new magazine – as you know I am a magazineaholic. I might see if I can get that one myself. I wish I could get the kids (or anyone really) to wash my car.

  3. Hi Libby!! Everything sounds great! except for the fridge accident! ouch! Love the new bike and how fun to take roller skating lessons, I think I would like that as well!! Cool new goodies too! fun stuff!

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