Summer Holiday – Salamander Bay – Day 2

Well the day didn’t start the best with the alarm going off at 6am!!! Not very appreciated when Kevin didn’t arrive till 11.30pm and we didn’t get to sleep till around 12.30am. The good part about Kevin driving up last night was they we were able to save about half the fridge food. Everything in the cooler bag (with frozen goods) stayed cold. But the other bag  was full of warm cheese :-(.

After the alarm went off we were unable to get back to sleep and I went down to get a cup of tea. Here I am with our hero, who luckily is looking more awake than I was – since he had a 3.5 hour drive home.


By 7am he was on his way…


and I settled down with a cup of tea and my laptop.


When both the girls woke they decided to have a spa bath. When I went up to tell them to be quiet (since Nan & Pop were still asleep) I had to smile when I saw their clothes all laid out on the beds.


I love the attention to detail with clothes laid out in order that they’ll be put on.


We had a quiet morning – breakfast, reading and the girls had a swim in the big pool. Just before midday we were finally ready to head out for lunch and to replace the lost groceries. Our usual lunch spot was closed so we headed up the tea rooms where a lighthouse once stood.


Today it is home to the Coastal Patrol.



As you can see you get a great view…even on an overcast day. Our table had no shade so we made to cream up because when the sun did appear it was intense.




I thought of Lisa when I saw the menu included some gluten free options.


There were a few more gourmet vegetarian options so Amy & I requested a cheese, pineapple and tomato melt. It was delicious.


After lunch we headed back to Salamander Shopping Center and today I left Pop in charge of the car keys. We wondered through a few shops then picked up the replacement groceries before heading back to our apartment. I made us a dip & cheese platter and the girls and Pop had a swim.


Later I took the girls over the main pool. I didn’t take my camera as I intended to swim but once I felt the water I decided not to – it was a bit on the cool side. It started raining so I headed back with the girls towels – as there was no where to leave them where they wouldn’t get wet.

Before we knew it it was time for dinner. Pop made us a BBQ which was enjoyed by all. Then computer time and reading to Christy. I’m thinking it will be a rather early night for me.


  1. Amanda says:

    hey libby its nice to go on hols later in the school hols when the kids have already had few weeks off. hope the weather is kind – we have had 4 seasons down at corrimal – not really relaxing when every day is different! enjoy

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