On our way home


I didn’t have the best night’s sleep. Had a really bad headache and kept waking up. So it was lucky that Amy decided to sleep in this morning. In fact, I was the first awake just before 6am. I showered and dressed and got the girls up. Then we hit the road. We certainly saw some sights on the way home and could not believe it when we saw this calf being towed down the highway. So cute.


Around 8am we finally stopped near Taree for breafkast.


I had a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and got a tea to go.


It was a much nicer day – blue skies and sunshine. And of course the ever present road works.


Unfortunately we arrived at Oliver’s way before lunchtime but Amy desperately wanted the Korma curry so we decided to get it and eat a bit further up the road.


Service was pretty bad – maybe because we were too early for lunch I don’t know. I think the young guy serving just didn’t have a clue. After we waited for 5mins he informed up that the rice wasn’t ready and would take another 10mins. I suggested we just have it with mashed potatoes – which luckily were ready. Christy amused herself with the love bucket and my spare change.



Back on the road. Unfortunately Amy couldn’t get a great photo of this trike and it’s little caravan.


And finally we arrived in Sydney… and the traffic… and so many trucks…


It was a little daunting – give me country highways any day! We gave up finding a nice picnic place to stop for lunch (the one we passed wasn’t sign posted) so ended up pulling into a truck stop.



Than finally we were coming down the escarpment and into Wollongong.


We had a very warm welcome from the pups and were thrilled to find Mum & Dad had been busy cleaning all our outdoor areas and the girls bedrooms. I really do have the BEST Mum & Dad. It’s so appreciated as I haven’t been able to do much since hurting my ribs  and I was getting further behind with everything.

Now I just have to tackle the laundry…and repack… before we head off for Easter on Thursday!


  1. Amanda says:

    i love coming down Bulli Pass, too, Libby. the escarpment is our view everyday when we are at corrimal which we will be there thursday night – so funny that you wont be – one day we’ll meet up !!!! By the way, i loved my QLD hols !!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    on second look at the photo thats not Bulli Pass but further towards wollongong!! sorry. we dont have to go that far before turning off but we do if the pass is closed 🙂

  3. Ninny says:

    You know you are on trips a lot when your blog readers dream that you and the girls come to Oklahoma while on your travels! LOL, yes, I dreamed last night that you stopped in Oklahoma and we had lunch and our pictures made together! I have really enjoyed your travels from my arm chair, and btw, if you DO ever come to Oklahoma you are welcome to come by!

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