The week that was

Sorry I’ve not been posting much lately. With our trip now less than 2 weeks away I’m spending lots of time on the computer finalizing our plans and making sure everything is in order.


The weather has been gorgeous – crazy when Winter is just 2 weeks away. I even spent time out by the pool on Saturday.

By the pool

So what else did I do this week? I finally satisfied a craving I’ve had for bagels (so many of my favourite youtubers have bagels for lunch every day).


I purchased my first products from Mac….


I drove up to Sydney to meet my friend Leanne…


and we saw Something Borrowed at the movies. So fun to have a girls day out.


We said farewell to Flat Stanley and he headed back to the USA.


I prepared a yummy (and easy) dinner on Friday night…. Malaysian Tofu Stirfry…


Amy and I went to the local markets…in the search of bagels…which they didn’t have…


I did manage to get a shadow photo though 🙂


There was time spent knitting Amy’s scarf for school….trying to get it done before we go away (and the weather turns cold again)…


There was a trip into the mall…which was all decorated for Budda’s birthday…


There was a stunning sunrise… one of the benefits to waking up at 5.30am!!!!


There was a yummy pasta bake made by my Mum…. not often I get dinner made for me and it was VERY appreciated…


There was Bailey waiting by the gates to Nans….


There were chickens outside our loungeroom window… they love to hang out here for some reason…


There was a visit to the dog wash for both dogs…


after a fun time spent at the local dog park….


And there a lovely Sunday dinner made by Chef Amy and her assistant, Christy – a lovely way to end the week.

Sunday's menu

They worked in the kitchen from 4pm to get dinner organised…

Dinner underway

and the results were great. Everything was really yummy.

Sunday's dinner

Then after dinner (and Nan & I cleaning up the kitchen) there was the entertainment. Christy played the keyboard…she has been teaching herself for a few weeks…

Christy playing the keyboard

Amy played the ukelale…. which she just got a few weeks ago…

Amy playing her ukelale

and they both did dances.


  1. Vanessa says:

    I love this post Libby. It has a bit of everything. I am getting crazy busy too getting everything finalized for NY. I am rechecking tours and times and places to visit. I love that dinner the girls made for you guys. ow professional it all looks. have a great time in Alaska. I can’t wait to see you posts.

  2. Jackie says:

    Great post Libby, I havent been on the computer much and have missed a lot of reading my favourite blogs. Love reading about your day I havent done one for ages, had good intentions then would forget to take photos or worse take the camera with me. Im so envious I would love to go to Alaska, Im going away in 9 days but to Alice Springs via South Australia. Im going to try and blog while we are away but that depends on a few things. Cant wait to see your photos from this trip I enjoyed your UK ones.

  3. chantel says:

    Wow Libby, I can’t believe your trip is so soon! Those early morning sunsets always look beautiful! I can’t believe I have only seen the sunrise a handful of times – definitely room for thought there! xx

  4. annie says:

    Love the MENU by the kids!!! Love the sunrise, shadow pic and I love Mac too! They taught me how to put on make up a couple of years ago!
    Looks like a great week!! See you soon!!

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