New Love

I’m going to be in trouble from Kevin because I’m supposed to be buying any treats but I was helpless to resist. I LOVE lollie jars and when I spotted this in Woolworths today I just had to have it. The crazy thing was I looking for the price but it was FREE….when you bought  2 jumbo size packets of loliies. Well you don’t need to twist my arm to buy lollies (even if I’ll be in trouble).


Of course I had to put some lollies in it to get the full effect.


Allen’s makes me smile… this jar sure does..


.and the lollies too :-).


2 thoughts on “New Love

  1. I bought exactly the same thing yesterday Libby! I love those jars. Now to start filling mine up (and figure out a way to ration them for the kids…). 🙂

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