A Day in my Life – 14th October, 2011

Okay, you know the drill….dogs out, kettle on, tea made, blogs read :-). For some strange reason Bailey has taken to lying out for a bit first thing in the morning…


I was up around 6am this morning, Amy came down not long after.

Computer time

I went to wake up Christy just on 7am…

Time to get up

then ironed her sports uniform ready for after her shower.

School uniform to be ironed

About 20 past 7 Amy headed out. Kay was picking her up today.

Amy off to school

I had my shower and got ready for the day. No hair or make-up done today as I’m having a facial after lunch.

Shower essentials

I made Christy her toast…


Kevin had to hang around so I got him to work blowing up the Halloween cauldron…


Then a HUGE police rescue truck turned up…

Police Rescue truck

with 2 cute police officers to check Kevin’s target shooting guns (this is done every 4 years).

Police rescue checking Kevin's target shooting guns

Then he headed off to work, and not longer after Christy and Shantel left on their bikes.

Off to school

Ah, peace and quiet, and a tidy kitchen…makes for a happy Mum :-).


I reheated some of last nights dinner leftovers – Santa Fe Casserole (definitely a keeper recipe) – made a great breakfast too (and Amy said it was nice cold for lunch)

Leftovers for breakfast

I then hung out the washing – under cover as the weather looked unpredictable…

Washing under cover

And got to work sorting through papers on my desk and doing some uniform orders.  Mum came over to say goodbye as they are going away for the weekend. Then the plumbers arrived to look at our water tank plumbing.

Plumbing truck

After they left I tidied up my scrapbooking desk.

Scrapbook desk needing a tidy

It probably took me only 20mins….

Tidied scrapbook desk

I created a new place for sets of photos waiting to be scrapbooked…

Photos to be scrapped

and a place to hang class information…


Then it was time for a quick lunch – mexi-bean & salad wrap.

Lunchtime wrap

Some treats for the dogs before I left.

Treat time

I made a quick stop at the pet shop where I got the dogs some new toys then had a facial. Unfortunately Fran had been trying to contact me as she wasn’t feel well but Kevin had done a ungrade on my phone that morning and I wasn’t logged in or something.. so missed lots of calls. Here I am post mini-facial – all glowing and shiny with oily hair :-).


Since I had a quicker than planned facial I had time to kill so went to the shops….yes, looking like that…and amazingly didn’t run into anyone I knew :-). This was our main shopping center for many years but had a big upgrade a few years back.

Shopping time

I went to Katies and bought a few tops (yes, I know it’s no spend month)…

Katies - one of my fav. clothing shops

and Susan’s…where I didn’t buy anything…

One of my fav. clothing stores

I did, however, buy an Iced Chocolate from Gloria Jeans…

My favourite Iced Choc

and a few magazines at the Newsagents.


Then it was time to go pick up Amy (and Emerson who was on crutches) from the bus stop. Christy had just arrived home when we got back. Shantel came over to hang out shortly afterwards and the girls cut up some mangos (you’ll notice Bailey waiting for the mango skin), then disappeared upstairs…

Mangos for afternoon tea

I gave the pups their new toy…


and 10mins later one looked like this :-(. It’s now been put away until Nan can sew it back up.

Toy after 10mins!!!

Time for another cup of tea… but the container was empty…

Oh, no - out of tea leaves!!

I made a bit of a mess filling it back up.

Tea spillage

Current favourite tea is Dilmah as I can get at the supermarket and it’s an ethical tea.

Current favourite tea

I gave the birds a treat stick and Charlie managed to sneak out for a mad fly around the house – he’s so hard to catch.


I then did a bit of scrapbooking, and had to deal with a rude, cheeky Christy who ended up in a time-out.


Eventually she went back to play and I went to visit the chooks…


whose eggs I had to collect in my t-shirt…

Fresh laid eggs

Kevin got home around 5pm and gave Amy her new phone…

Playing with new phones

The dogs had their heartworm tablet and flea/tick treatment.

Time for heartwowm & flea/tick treatments

and I got to making dinner – tonight was a new reciepe from Peas and Thank You – Black bean burgers…

Making dinner

Good messy fun….

Getting hands dirty

Don’t they look delicious? They were 🙂

New recipe - Black Bean Burgers

Christy had potato and grated cheese.

Dinner for our fussy eater

Amy had her burger on a bun, Kevin and I just had ours with some sweet potato fries.

Dinner is served

I got the kitchen cleaned up, changed into my PJs and put my feet up to watch Great British Menu (I watched this last year – by fluke – and really enjoyed it).

Watching Great British Menu

Afterwards we watch How to Look Good Naked and Christy had an apple slinky for a snack.


Bailey is waiting patiently for the skin :-).

Then it was to bed around 9pm for some reading. I finished my book which means I get to pick a new one tomorrow night :-).


  1. Ninny says:

    I just love your postings about one whole day in your life! Somehow I find everyday life so interesting, ha! I guess because everyone sort of does the same things, like fixing meals, running errands, and yes, even giving the dogs their meds.

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