No spend challenge updated


I have to admit my no spend month has been a bit of a challenge – as I knew it would be. I don’t have much money left in my purse and quite a few items have gone on the credit card – and will have to be paid fornext month. HOWEVER, there have been numerous times this month when I’ve not gone to a shop or ordered something online, purely because of the challenge. So, in that regard, the challenge has been a success.

I was actually doing really well until yesterday. I had to take Amy into town as she needed some skin care. I came home with some new nail polish. Then she “needed” a black bracelet for a halloween costume. I came home with 3 (very cute) necklaces. Then we discovered that Typo had opened in Wollongong. I was “good” and only got a few things. Oops. I totally blame Amy :-).

As for the grocery part of the challenge. I think we can call that a total failure. I ‘ve already used up one of $500 vochures and can’t really see us managing on $500 till Christmas. It was a big ask I suppose when the grocery money includes toiletries and such.

So with just over a week left I’m renewing my commitment to only spend minimally. It’s a bit of a difficult time of year for a no-spend challenge, with it being Christmas present buying season, but I will extend the challenge by a week or two and then MAKE SURE I stick to my budget.

2 thoughts on “No spend challenge updated

  1. The easiest thing I find is to stay away from the shops 🙂 That can be hard at times I know. Also we are only on one income so don’t waste $$ on beauty products and clothes (just have the bare minimum) So did you spend $500 on food for a fortnight?

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