Foodie Friday – Kale Chips


Quite a few of you (either here or facebook or twitter) were interested in the kale chips I made last week so I thought I’d snap a few photos when I made some more yesterday. It really is so easy. The hardest part, for those in Australia, might be buying the kale. I get mine in my organic delivery from Doorstep Organics.

This week I got black kale (above is the green Scottish kale).

First step is to wash and thoroughly dry. I use a lettuce spinner, then spread out on a tea towel and allow to finish drying.


You need to remove the leaves and discard the stem (I do this while washing) and break into chip size pieces. When the kale is dry spread onto baking trays (being careful not to overlap the leaves too much) and spray with olive oil (or use hands to gently massage over leaves). Then a little sprinkle of sea salt.


Then bake on 150 C or 350 F for 8 – 10mins. They are lovely and crispy when they are done and just crumble in your mouth.


Christy and I prefer them just cooked but Amy likes them best the next day when they are little more chewy. Either way they are delicious, and oh-so good for you.

Let me know if you give them a try and what you think of them.

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  1. I’ve tried to make these before but must have done something wrong as my version werent that nice at all!!??

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