The cupboard under the stairs


The cupboard under the stairs (which is opposite the front door) has been a doll nursery for a long time. Earlier this year it was converted a storage/dumping area. But I had bigger plans and finally last weekend, we bought some bookshelves and Kevin assembled them. They make me SOOOOO happy. I’m sure you can understand why. Please note we have lived here for almost 7 years the doorknob is still not painted!!!

It took less than an hour and around $200 to transform this space.

IMG_3914.jpg IMG_3921.jpg

Finally I have somewhere safe to keep my extra vases, decorative ornaments, candles and storage baskets.

IMG_3916.jpg IMG_3927.jpg

I’ve still got a bit of fine tuning to do but this space just makes me so happy. I keep going and opening the door just to admire it. Maybe I should just leave the door open for a bit :-).

Do you have places around your home that make you especially happy?



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