Keeping Watch

NOTE: I’m not doing the week that was this week as I don’t have many photos to share besides Christy’s birthday as I was pretty out of action with an arthritis flare.

But I have been watching over 2 baby birds that Pop accidently exposed when he was trimming our hedges. To help protect them I’ve been covering the next over with some leaves to give them shade. Mama and Papa bird are around keeping watch and tell me off (by flying close by) if I get too close.


You can see the babies wings are so small.


This is Ma or Pa. Cute aren’t they? They have yellow on the wings. Does anyone know what type of bird it is?


Amazingly enough I took I photo of Pop when he was trimming the tree. It must have been only minutes before he spotted the nest, or maybe just as he spotted it.



3 thoughts on “Keeping Watch

  1. Hi Libby, what a cute bird. I think it might be a New Holland Honeyeater.

    Sorry to hear about your arthritis. Hope it improves soon.

  2. Hi Libby you poor darl, that arthritis is nasty 🙁 Hope it improves with the weather. Hubby thinks the bird is a New Holland Honeyeater too or a Crescent Honeyeater.

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