On the way to recovery

Firstly I wanted to say thanks so much for all the well wishes here, on facebook, twitter and instagram. I didn’t realize I had quite so many online and real life friends. You guys are the best. It was so lovely to read your messages while in hospital and in pain.

On Tuesday we were forecast to have 43C/ 114F and lots of bushfires. The skies sure did look weird first thing in the morning.


Morning Light by libbywithnall


Luckily we made it safely up to the hospital in Sydney. It did end up being stinking hot so it was a pretty good day to be inside. IMG_0176.jpg

The surgery to repair my hiatus hernia went well and by evening I was in a hospital room and feeling pretty good considering.


Unfortunately the pain kicked in later on but after being given more pain meds (I wasn’t on drip pain meds due to them making me nauseous last time) I managed to get a bit of sleep.

On Wednesday morning I recieved a very exciting breakfast. I had the tea (black) and half of the jelly.

IMG_4138.JPG IMG_4139.jpg

My wound wasn’t sore at all but I had some gas pain in my chest and back. It wasn’t too bad a day. I did some watching of YouTube and had a nap or two and chatted to my room mates. Even though I’d requested a private room I ended up sharing with 3 other ladies but we all got along well so it was fine (last time I shared with rather elderly ladies).

Lunch was clear soup and custard. Dinner, the same but with ice cream. I was most excited to be able to have milk in my tea :-).



After my dinner I had some visitors. Kevin bought both the girls to visit me which was lovely. Christy was cold so ended up wearing my jacket and sitting in bed with me.


After they left I tried to keep myself awake by watching some videos but I was tired I didn’t last much beyond 8.30pm.


Luckily my pain levels had continued to drop, though I did have a major headache in the evening, and again this morning. I managed to get a pretty decent nights sleeps and even progressed from sleeping almost upright to sleeping almost flat. I was happy to see my doctor this morning and get confirmation that I could head home. Can’t say I’ll miss the place very much :-).


So I’m back home now and have spent the afternoon on the couch. I’m sure a few more days of rest will be needed before I can start getting back into my normal routine and I have 2 weeks on a pureed/mushy diet to look forward to.

Hope everyone has been having a better week than me, and that no-one (in Australia) has been badly affected by the fires. At least I should be able to catch up on everyone’s blogs now.

11 thoughts on “On the way to recovery

  1. Glad you are home, it is so much better than a hospital that’s for sure. Hope you are continuing to feel a bit better and the family look after you well. Try and enjoy the rest if you can.

  2. I missed your post about having surgury! glad to hear it went well with early release for good behaviour 😉

  3. Hope you recover quickly Libby. That gas pain is horrendous isn’t it? Much worse than the actual operation most of the time. take care. XX

  4. OMG Libby, Im so sorry I had no idea you were in hospital, maybe i need to join your FB or instagram lol. Here’s to a quick recovery, take care

  5. Glad you’re home, Libby. Rest up and get well. Gas pain is the worst and so unexpected as its never usually anywhere near where you’ve had your operation!

    I’m working my way through your holiday videos. You had such a busy time, but so much fun by the look of it. A kid’s dream holiday, I would say!

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