A Day in my Life – 14th Jan, 2013








Another day in my life starting with letting the dogs out – though it wasn’t till 6am this morning – and a cup of tea.


This was enjoyed while watching YouTube…



and painting my nails.


Later I ended up ordering some new nail polishes. I know – I have a problem….



Kevin had headed off around 7am but I didn’t see either of the girls till around 9am. I headed upstairs to make the bed, shower, get dressed and collect todays washing. I also did a tidy up in preparation for the cleaners we having coming later this morning. Even just basic jobs seem to take a lot out of me at this stage.


Christy helped me make some French Toast for her breakfast….


and I made myself a Green Mango Smoothie.


After my smoothie I hung out the washing and finished tidying downstairs.

Around 11.30am the cleaners arrived and when they left at 1pm the house looked sooooo good. Clean and tidy. Shame it never lasts more than one day.


Another liquid meal – potato and leek soup and some Pom Tea.


Amy joined me for lunch we watched the final for Project Runway Australia – which had recorded from last year.


Later on I had Perfect Fit Protein drink…



and worked on yesterdays blog posts.


Before I knew it it was 5pm and time to make dinner. I made Fried Rice for the family. I enjoyed a few bits of omelette without problem so am going to move on to soft foods.


Kevin was home about 5.45pm so we ended up having a punctual dinner. Mine looks disgusting I know but it tasted good – refried beans, salsa and a sprinkle of cheese.


We then settled down to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Dog Days – just as the pups started their after-dinner play time.


A while later I enjoyed a billabong. We all really enjoyed the movie – perfect for our Summer holidays.



Kevin and Amy headed off to bed after the movie while Christy and I stayed up (it was only just after 8.30pm) and watched an episode of Grand Designs Australia. Dobby, our little vacuum, was out and about – which meant the dogs had to keep a close look out.


Around 9.30pm Christy and I also headed up to bed and I read a bit of Drums of Autumn (yep, I’m definitely stringing out that series) before “trying” to go to sleep at 10.30pm. I think it was more like 11.30pm before it was finally snooze time.


I ended up reading some more when I couldn’t get to sleep. What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?


  1. Ailsa says:

    No no no no! Get those girls to help you clean! Don’t waste precious dollars on a cleaner! Yes, you have a problem with nail polish. Didn’t you just do them a few days ago? Ha ha!

  2. Paola says:

    Hi Libby – sorry to hear you are experiencing a bit of insomnia. I have been battling it lately, I’m not sure why. I get to sleep ok but wake up in the early hours. I lie flat on my back and count my breaths. Sometimes it works – sometimes not, sadly. If it doesn’t work, I read but this isn’t a popular option with Neil!

  3. Jackie says:

    Hey Libby, hope your on your way to feeling better. I think you have a nail polish problem but I love seeing what colour you have painted your nails 🙂

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