My week so far…


I’ve been rather busy this week, which is why I haven’t been around much. I’ve been taking my daily walk with the pups, plus doing another workout (either cardio or weights) most days.


On Monday morning just one of Mum’s flowers was opened, today I noticed they all were (but forgot to take a photo).



There has been lots of jobs done around the house, including the cleaning of both girls rooms….



the dropping off of donations…don’t worry we didn’t donate Bailey…



and the packing up of the Halloween decor…so sad I won’t see it for another 11 months :-(. On the plus side I’ve already put out a few of my more neutral Christmas decorations.


Christy is still off sick – the doctor just said she’s been unlucky to pick up another virus. And since I’ve been home all week (with the exception of Uniform shop and grocery shopping), I’ve spent extra time hanging out with my two mates.




Here’s Rosie under my desk as I do some filing.


And this is what happens when you eat dinner on the couch….


Hope you’re having a great week. Any plans for the weekend? I’m not sure what we’re up to – depends on if Amy has friends over for school work, and Kevin has to work on Sunday. I do plan to work on my Germany momento album as there is another 20% off sale and I want to get it ordered.

2 thoughts on “My week so far…

  1. Haha, I love the pictures of the dogs, when you are eating. I see that same thing from my Corgi, when I am eating. Those sad, hopeful, eyes looking up waiting for just a little morsel.
    Gotta love our pets.

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