A Day in the Life – 14th March, 2014

It’s been some time since I did a day in the life post, seeing that I do so many in video format, but I still it’s a good record to have in photo format, and for those of you who don’t watch YouTube :-).

I actually managed to sleep in till 6.30pm (though it was still dark) and was pleased to be feeling a little better this morning.



After Kevin & the girls headed off at 7.30am, I got on with doing my daily essential jobs. I fed the bird and put him outside…


and strangely enough found Bailey lying in the garage….


I made our bed and finished off the girls rooms….


Showered, dressed and actually put on some makeup. Was so nice doing something as normal as makeup.

IMG_1592.jpg IMG_1596.JPG

It was shaping up to be another hot day (the weatherman didn’t get memo that it’s supposed to be Autumn) so I watered the pot plants…


and got barked at by the puppies….


It had started sprinkling but I wanted to do my shopping at Figtree, so hoped it wouldn’t get too heavy.


I visited a few clothing shops, but didn’t buy anything, before going to the new Organic Shop. They have SOOO much stuff that I felt a bit overwhelmed and didn’t end up buying anything. I need to go back another time with a list as I’d really like to support the shop.


I did my main grocery shop at Coles. Loved the scoop & weigh station they have – wish our Coles had one. Unfortunately they didn’t have the products I was hoping for (that my Coles have stopped selling 🙁 ).


I was pretty tired after this – it doesn’t take much to tire me out these days. Back home I unpacked the groceries and put them away in between rests.



Eventually I got the energy to make up some lunch, using one of my pre-prepared salads (I’ve been making up 3 at a time, and it’s working out so well).


To this one I added falafel, hummus & pineapple. Yum.


After lunch I worked on editing my Summer Favourites video.


The girls were going into town for a bit after school, then Athena & two friends were catching the bus home. Kevin was picking up Christy (and dropping her friend home).  Bailey & I got to the bus stop a bit early, so I decided to go and wash my car. I must have been feeling a whole lot better today as this is the most I have done in WEEKS!



Athena rang to say they had arrived just as I was finishing off the car. She had 4 friends (from her old school) over to play some games (2 slept over) so I prepared a mashed potato bar for dinner (thanks to Heather Bruggeman & her Whole Food Kitchen class for this fabulous idea. It went over so well and I had very few leftovers. I’ll definitely do this again.



With the girls at the kitchen table, Kevin and I camped out in the loungeroom to watch a movie and enjoy our dinner.



If you’d like to see more of my day please watch my day in the life video below.

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