Celebrating the Olympics

Well, if you’ve been reading my posts over on Happy to be at Home you’ll already know this. But for the rest of you (okay, probably all of you) I wanted to share what we did last night. After reading Annie‘s post about her Chinese party and having Christy come home from school every day telling us what they’d learnt about China we decided have take-away Chinese for dinner. We sat at the dining table and used our Chinese bowls and chopsticks to try and make it a bit special. Kevin even bought fortune cookies – which we don’t normally have. The kids thought this was fun but didn’t like the cookies – I think Kevin ate most of them (with a bit of help from the dogs).

Celebrating the 2008 Olympics with chinese food Veggie Chow Mein

We had planned to stay up and watch the opening ceremony but Amy was asleep by 7.30pm (she’s not been real well this week) and at 9pm we realized it wasn’t going to start until 10.30pm so we all headed to bed – with the plan to get up at 6am and watched the repeat broadcoast. We did this, though it was one morning I could have stayed asleep and I had to wake up both the girls. Still it was well worth it. My favourites were all the drummers at the start, the “glowing” men forming the dove and of course the lighting of the couldren.

I was a bit down in the dumps for some reason this morning and have absolutely no energy so after getting back from drama I sat on the couch and watched the Olympics for the afternoon. Not to totally waste all those hours I sorted through my recipe folders and new recipes to try and also all the scrapbook ideas/inspiration I’d taken out of mags. The girls are playing Wii for a bit, then I’ll be taking back control of the TV (but this time I’ll be using my laptap or flicking through some magazines). It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had such a lazy day.

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  1. Tina says:

    Hope your spirits have lifted, Libby 🙂 We watched the entire opening ceremony. The drums blew me out! It was amazing.

    BTW, there’s an award waiting for you @ Housewife Hiccups 🙂

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