Queen's Birthday holiday

Well, any excuse for a public holiday is okay by me but it’s always puzzled me why it’s in june when the Queen’s birthday is not – very weird. Anyway, had a pretty quiet one. Pottered around some more this morning – finally got the sheets washed since it wasn’t raining – then Kevin overfilled the spa and flooded the backyard so they had to go in the dryer anyway. Spent some time reorganising the scrapbook room. Mum invited us for lunch -which was nice and we played Disney Monopoly again. Came home with Christy complaining she felt sick – and not much later she was. Poor little pet – just hope it comes out of the carpet – right in our bedroom doorway…. We all settled down to watch Fat Albert and she promptly fell asleep. I’m glad Amy’s not going to school tomorrow as I don’t feel mentally ready – not sure if that makes any sense and maybe if she was going I would feel fine. I just really enjoy lazy weekends like this where I don’t have to rush around doing things and actually get to spend time at home. Much as I love the gym, not going gives me a good extra few hours to do things. But I will go tomorrow provided Christy is feeling okay (Mum will look after Amy). Then I have a big long list of things to do.

Happy Moments – seeing my scrapbook area nice and tidy