Things back to normal

Well, it’s been back to normal this week – no sick kids, school, gym, after school activities, etc. We’ve decided to sell my car so I’ve now got Kevin Prius and he’s ordered another prius for himself – in the meantime he’ll ride the motorbike. I like driving the prius – so much smaller than the Voyager (and a LOT cheaper to run). The only downside so far is we probably won’t be able to take our bikes to Murramarang – and I was really looking forward to riding. I guess I could rent a bike.
Went to the gym this morning, took cake and presents over to celebrate Poppy’s birthday, then rode over to the park where we met some friends. The girls rode and played and we had hot chips for lunch. It was lovely out sitting in the sunshine. Not long now till Spring.
Planning is underway for Christy’s birthday party next month. She’s having a Disney Princess Party with about 12 little friends – GIRLS ONLY!!