Use it up Challenge

Busy day today – got a lot done – though I did miss the gym – had to take Amy to the doctors for the results of her blood test (she has sore toe and knee) – the results were negative for anything wrong – told to come back in 10day by a very rude doctor – will go to see our normal doctor next week when she’s back from holidays. I’ve decided to do a “Use It Up” challenge – an idea from a fellow list member I’ve done my list – the pantry section is a page long so I won’t post it. I’ve decided I need to use something from the list with each dinner, as a minimum.
Kevin has been sick the last 2 days though must be better now as he’s eating all of the Hawiian Banana Nut Bread that I just made.
Read a great article at the doctors this morning about SLOW FOOD – wonderful idea – very along the lines of the River Cottage. Kevin wants us to go back to buying Organic fruit & veg – to supplement what we don’t get from our own veggie garden. Hate to think how much it will cost when I was nearly $60 at the local f&v shop this afternoon – didn’t even get a lot today but did buy 4 mangos, 2 pieces of watermelon, red & green grapes and some delicious cherries – which I’ve already eaten half of. Oh, well, at least it’s nice and healthy and good for us.