And this is why I will continue to blog…

I  just came across this post from 2007 of Christy in Kindergarten.  As I come to grips with the fact she will be finished with primary school in just a few months and headed off to high school, this post was a VERY good reminder of why I need to keep blogging. The details that are recorded are ones I never would have remembered.

And I CANNOT believe this was 7 years ago…. seems like just yesterday….


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Help support the ban of live animal exports


I’m hoping that by now most Australian’s have heard about the latest campaign by Animals Australia and the RSPCA to ban live animal export, and are getting behind the campaign. It is truly appalling and deeply heartbreaking to see animals being treated as our live exports are. If you don’t know anything about it please click on the link – the video is very upsetting but even the photos will give you an idea of what is going on (you can view the page without seeing the video). I thought the way our sheep were treated in the Middle East was bad enough, but our cows in Indonesia have it even worse. Torturing an animal, even one to be killed for food, is NEVER okay. That our government allows this is disgraceful and makes me embarrassed to be an Australian. Please be a voice for the animals and help stop the export.

Comparing my life


I love my life but often find myself comparing it to those lived by many of my fav. bloggers. Unfortunately there is a BIG difference in our lifestyles – the main thing being so many are married couples, with no kids, living in the city. They have the time and freedom to do whatever they want. I wish I could remember more of what life was like back then but the old memory doesn’t work so well these days and there aren’t many photos, and definitely nothing like blogs or flickr on which I recorded daily life. I’m sure life was much more simpler – just like those of my fellow childless bloggers. We used to go the movies most weekends, had regularly weekends away, and did lots of entertaining with friends.

I know I need to stop the comparison. I have kids and our lifestyle is different and I just need to accept that. I can’t rewind the years … though it would be good if I could. Thankfully there are some bloggers I read that are at a similar stage in their life as me – with kids in school. Times change as the years go by. I really do think things are pretty good right now but I’ve been a big melancoly of late – reminicing about life before kids & life with young kids and dreaming of life when it’s just Kevin & I again. It seems we are never happy with where we’re at but life is good right now. I just need to take a bit more time to stop and smell the roses and appreciate this time in my life. I’m sure in a few years, when both the girls are in high school, I’ll be wishing for the good old days before they were teenagers :-).