Busy Days

Well, it’s been a busy start to the week after a rather lazy weekend. Monday I did cardio at the gym, cleaned downstairs, bought some food for the chooks and guinea pigs. Did manage to find a bit of time to scrapbook a few pages, then after school Amy had to see a speech lady (she makes a “s” sound like a “th”) and then her doctor to get the results of last weeks blood test. Test came back fine so we’re waiting another 2 weeks and if she not better (doc thinks it’s some kind of post operative trauma) then we’ll go to a pediatrition. Time in home to make dinner for a hungry husband and watch some telly (currently watching Monk).

Today I dropped the girls at school (doc has said Amy should keep going), then did the groceries, went to the gym (legs today but only set of squats), come home to unload the groceries, then back out again for my bone scan. Since I was in town I picked up some rice paper rolls (so yummy).


Came home to eat lunch and check e-mail, then back into town to have photos taken of my bones. Back to pick girls up from school, home again for 1.5 hours, make dinner and am about to take the girls (or at least Christy) to swimming lessons. Boy, I’m tired just typing this all up. And I’ve had a killer headache most of the day (actually I’ve had one most days the last week).