Tests for Amy

Amy had today off school. We were at the hospital at 8.30am for the first part of her bone scan (where they inject the tracer). She had a couple of quick “photos” then we were told to come back in a few hours. We then went for her blood test and then into town to do some shopping. I had to pick up my book for book group, we bought some kids craft stuff in Spotlight, stopped for a morning snack then headed back to the hospital. I read a scrapbook mag while the body scan was done – took about 50 mins all up. We then went back into town to do a bit more shopping (seems to be a bit of a theme around here lately) and have some lunch, then back to pick up Christy from school. It’s turned soooo cold here again – I need to go dig out my scarves that I’d just moved to the back of the shelf.

1 Comment to “Tests for Amy”

  1. By Kerrie, August 15, 2007 @ 6:25 pm

    When do you get the results back?