Relfections of 2007



As the year comes to a close (and Christmas is over) I’m starting to think back over 2007 and make plans for 2008. 2007 was a pretty great year and I spent most of it in a happy, positive state of mind. We had a wonderful family vacation to Mexico and Disneyland, got a new dog, Rosie, Kevin and I had Weight loss surgery, the girls did well at school. I feel I’ve grown a lot as a person – I’m happy in my role of SAHM and taking care of the family, house and animals; I’ve developed new friendships (mostly online but a few in real life); and I’ve spent more time on crafts/scrapbooking. The last couple of months I’ve gotten myself into a much better routine and with the weight loss and extra energy I’m sure I’ll achieve a lot more in 2008.

Here are the goals I wrote a year ago and how I went with them. Bit of a mixed bag. A lot more work/commitment will be needed next year.

– Maintain new household routine    : kind of, I seem to be able to keep on top of most things now but this still needs work

– Reduce processed/packaged foods/meals     : Yes, but can be improved

– Menu plan properly and buy ONLY what is needed   : NO, especially since surgery I find the chooks and dogs are getting more and more leftovers

– Minimise disposable products – napkins, plates, towels, containers  : YES!!! Pretty much eliminated from our lives.

– Make from scratch where possiible  : KIND OF, still more work needed

– Buy organic produce where possible : YES, but it’s getting rather expensive when much is getting wasted (see above)

– Read up more on budgeting/finance   : NO
– Reularly review budget : YES, not that it makes me stick to the budget any more

– Put $50 a week into long-term savings  : YES. but just had to use it all to fix up overspending (see above)

– Start paying extra off mortgage in June  : NO

– Write in blog regularly  : YES, probably too much 🙂

– Learn to download photos and update my website myself  : YES, hence above

– Work on novel for 2 hrs Mon – Thurs  : NO – decided not to pursue writing at this time, between blogging and scrapbooking I don’t have time.

– Limit e-mail/internet  : NO!!!!

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