A restful few days

Well, I’ve been slowly recovering from Christmas, and this cold that I’ve had (not to mention the sore knee). I took the girls to the beach on Friday – had a great time – went swimming again and decided I want to get a boogie board (not that I’ve been on one since I was a teenager). I got it today – mine is the green one and the pink one is a new one for Christy.


I spent yesterday putting away all our Christmas decorations (and returning the house to normal) and then cleaning up the fridge, which I restocked today. We’re having friends for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so it will no doubt be empty again in a few days. I’m being pretty lazy with the food this time around – having a BBQ, a couple of home made dishes and a REAL easy desert. If you click on the second photo you can read what’s currently in our fridge.


My Perfect Housewife DVDs turned up so Amy and I have been watching them when time permits – she’s decided she’s going to be the perfect housechild – we’ll see…. so far so good. Even if your house is tidy and organised (mine is pretty much) I still find the show very inspiring. What I still need to work on is the detailed cleaning. I certainly wouldn’t pass her white glove test…..

Took the girls to see Enchanted – what a wonderful movie – we all loved it and it was first movie that Christy has actually sat through without getting bored.