Scrapbook Sunday


Well, I did manage to get up fairly early – I think it was 5.3oam – to participate with the Super Saturday I mentioned yesterday. I did go further than we were supposed to and actually put my room back together – I just could not cope with the mess any longer – especially since my room is right by the front door. It’s not 100% finished but it’s almost there. And I didn’t even have to buy anything besides the cute little blue and green bins.

Okay, I’ll give a little run down with before and after photos.



Moved the sticker box off the computer desk, added brads and chipboard alpabets and flowers.



Big changes here. LOVE all my buckets and new ribbon storage.


I have four of these – one for journalling cards, paints/glitter, tags and ink pads.


New ribbon storage and large flowers in the bowl (which I found in a bathroom cupboard)


Baskets under the desk – one has projects to be finished, one has class notes from Big Picture Scrapbook online classes.

img_4374 img_5121

This would be the biggest change I made. Took the doors off the cupboard and it’s now used for photo storage. May put doors back on after photos are organised doing the Library of Memories class with Stacy Julian. Papers are all now in vertical storage – will see how it goes for patterned paper. Moved sticker storage. I’m really happy with this area. Drawers are used by the kids and some for memorabilia (still to be sorted).


top drawer before


top drawer after – much of this is now storage in a bucket and the Making Memories desktop organiser (thinking I might even get another of these)


second drawer before


second drawer after – LOOOOVE this drawer!!! Can’t wait to scrapbook using it.


Third drawer before


Third drawer after – pages not yet in albums, scrapbook kits, tissues and candles


Main desk before


Main desk after – still want to get a new light. On the left I have a tool basket, then my bucket with scissors, tape runner, all the essentials, then the making memories desk organiser which I’m using for new products, then scrap paper drawer and finally, my ideas folder.

Will post some photos of the WHOLE room once I finish tidying.

I am absolutely exhausted now . I’ve had a spa and some nachos for dinner and am off to watch Doc Martin.

6 thoughts on “Scrapbook Sunday

  1. Wow, Libby, your room looks fantastic. It must have been an awful lot of work to put everything to order. Good job!

    I see you’re currently reading Castle of the Wolf — I hope you’re enjoying it! 🙂

    Best wishes from Germany,

  2. Hi Libby,
    I just read your GOBI message and had to visit your website to see your Saturday/Sunday work. I can see a big difference. What an inspiring workplace. I’m also taking the LOM class. I’d love to know a virtual classmate going through the same process. My husband is from NZ so I have an affinity for “Down Under.”
    All the best,

  3. Wow, it looks fabulous! I love your colorful containers and I like how you’ve used that MM desktop organizer. Thanks so much for sharing!

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