What I discovered in the middle of the night

Well, I am VERY tired this morning. Around 1am I was woken up by the wind slamming Christy’s door shut. At 1.30am I still couldn’t sleep so I read for an hour and finished the latest Sandra Hill book. At 2.30am just I was dozing off again I heard Christy start with the asthma cough. I had to go downstairs for her spacer so I could give her ventolin while she was still mostly asleep. Back to bed, still couldn’t sleep after cuddling Rosie for half an hour so at 3am I went downstairs to use my computer – read blog, check e-mail, etc. I was searching PST time for my BPS Get Organised Be Inspired Super Saturday chat thing. Anyway, this is when I made my discovery. For some reason I had always thought my California friends (Hi Annie and Joann) were around 10 hours behind us. So when it’s morning here it’s evening there and vise versa. Boy was I wrong. Currently they are just 5 hours ahead (but a day behind). So when I discovered this at 4am Sat it was 9am Fri for them.

world map

I finally went back to bed but didn’t get to sleep right away cause this totally spun me out :-). It does make a lot of sense though cause I was often confused when they wrote posts that seemed to be published at very strange times (to me anyway). But now I know why – I was just completely off with my time conversion. However, after my very bad nights sleep I doubt I will be up at 4am to start Super Saturday…. so I’ll try to get a bit of head start today – it’s all about resorting/storing my scrapbook supplies.

3 thoughts on “What I discovered in the middle of the night

  1. See, we learn something new everyday!! haha. It’s Friday night at 9:16 in CT I wonder what time it is for you? Sat. night??

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