A day in My life – May


Wow, can’t believe a WHOLE month has gone by since I last did “a day in my life” – seems like just a week or so ago – guess that’s what holidays do to you.

Anyway, had a bit of a sleep in till 5.30am this morning. Got up and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea, which I enjoyed while reading blogs.


Not sure of my plans for today yet. Mum & I were talking about a day out shopping so I might be doing that. If not I’ll be cleaning the kitchen (that will be an exciting post won’t it?) and getting the groceries.

It’s nearly 7am so time to go open all the blinds and let light into the house, then off to have my shower.


All dressed, it’s time to empty the dishwasher, feed the budgies and put them out in the sun, feed and water the guinea pigs, check the chickens and make up some banana muffins.

img_0029 img_0017

Breakfast for the girls, I eat Christy’s leftover french toast while tidying the kitchen and making lunch for Christy (Amy makes her own).

img_0014 img_0028

Once the girls leave for school with Nan(who is doing reading today) I take Rosie for a run to the park (I ride).

img_0019 img_0023

Check the house is tidy and beds are made. Get ready to go shopping with Nan. I pick Nan up from school and while she gets changed I hang out the washing.

We left around 9.45 and I enjoyed a cup of tea in the tea in the car before arriving at Miranda about 10.30am.


We went to Myer first – Nan was looking for some t-shirts for our Ayers Rock trip but being almost Winter there wasn’t a lot to choose from. She did manage to get a few items though and I picked up the peace t-shirt. I also got a new lipstick for Winter (my pink for Summer is a little too bright for now).


We then stopped for some lunch at Jamacia Blue. I had a yummy spinach quiche – the salad was especially nice. Mum really enjoyed her lunch too and I’m pretty sure we’ll be eating here again next time we come.

img_0038 img_0039

Next was Target. I managed to pick up some PJs for Amy and a couple of tops (all on sale) for myself.

Collected some rolls and bread for Christy, and couldn’t help but buy some low-fat butternut cookies from the Cookie Man. I was reminding Mum of how when we first moved to Wollongong our local shopping center had a Cookie Man and we used to get the best chocolate orange cream cookies – they were so yummy – but they no-longer make them – which is probably a good thing.

Anyway, our last stop was L’Occitane to pick up a face mask. I’ve only recently switched to this brand of skin care (after using Lancome for many years) but I’m really happy with that – the main selling point was that it’s mainly organic.

Here’s today haul – not including the new PJ’s for Amy (thanks to Nan for buying those for her).


It was then time to drive home. I dropped Nan at home, picked up Rosie and Pop drove us up to the school so we could walk back with the girls. Amy had a friend over from school and after having apple slinkies they happily played a few board games.

I bought in the washing (and the budgies), thought about doing the ironing but decided not to (it will still be there tomorrow).


Then I sat and updated this blog while enjoying a cup of tea (and I hate to say it, but a few of those cookies I bought today).

After Amy’s friend left, I made dinner. NOT what was on the plan as I seem to have run out of time and cause I went out with Mum I don’t have the red kidney beans needed for the bean patties). Instead I did baked potatoes with garlic butter (leftover from Sunday), mexican beans, cheese and topped with sour cream.


Also made Rosies dinner – pasta and tinned veggie soup.

It’s now 7pm. Kevin is home from work, Christy is in the bath and Amy is playing “MY” wii fit. Time to publish this post, have dinner and watch the latest season of House.

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5 Comments to “A day in My life – May”

  1. By Cathy, May 14, 2008 @ 9:13 pm

    Hello Libby
    Thanks for taking us through your ‘Day’
    Jamaica Blue at Eastland is where I have my coffee break when I’m shopping there.
    They do a nice spinach quiche as well
    Take care

  2. By jan, May 14, 2008 @ 10:16 pm

    Nice walk through your day. Loved your lunch…yum.


  3. By Ann, May 15, 2008 @ 10:34 am

    Hi Libby,
    Nice reading about your day. Fun shopping with mum. You have been busy too! Enjoy those cups of tea. I drink plenty of it here.

  4. By willow, May 15, 2008 @ 4:09 pm

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading about your day and have read back throuh a few more posts – lovely photographs.